Have You Checked out the Resources of Eternal Perspective Ministries?

By Randy Alcorn March 26, 2009

Game Plan for LifeBefore I share some info about the Eternal Perspective Ministries website, I wanted to mention that Joe Gibbs's book Game Plan for Life: A Champion's Guide to a Successful Life, which I blogged about earlier this year, will be released on June 15. The book has contributions from Ravi Zacharias, Chuck Colson, Josh McDowell, Ken Boa, John Lennox, Don Meredith, Ron Blue, Os Guinness, Walt Larimore, Tony Evans, and myself. You can now preorder the book from various places, including Christianbook.com (Game Plan for Life: A Champion's Guide to a Successful Life).

And be sure to check out the Game Plan for Life website, www.gameplanforlife.com, for resources on all the topics the book covers and information on the subjects and writers. (Keep in mind this website is an early version that won't be fully operational until the book is released.)

In May Nanci and I are going to Joe Gibbs Racing, speaking in their chapel, doing some filming related to the book, and attending our first NASCAR race. We know Joe Gibbs through football (he has three Super Bowl rings, one of which he put on Nanci's finger years ago, and she's never forgotten). And we're looking forward to our introduction to the crazy world of NASCAR (probably includes some blog readers, right? Now's your chance to weigh in!)

Since I hardly ever talk about Eternal Perspective Ministries here, many of my blog readers may not be familiar with it. So I want to use this post to introduce you to our website and also some of the free publications the ministry produces.

EPM's website (www.epm.org) has lots of free resources, from articles and Q & As, to book excerpts and discussion questions, to resources for pastors and audio and video. Many people say they're amazed at how much can be found on our site. Flipping through its pages, I'm kind of amazed myself. When I first started this website in the early 90's, doing everything myself, including website design (I had a lot of stars and astronomy images with a black background that now would look ridiculous), I never imagined it would become what it is now. And every week more gets added.

Eternal Perspective MagazineFour times a year we send out our mailed newsletter, Eternal Perspectives, a 16-page publication filled with thought-provoking and informative articles about Heaven, giving, missions, Christian living, and more. You can sign up to receive it in the mail or read it online, if you'd prefer. All of our past issues are also available as PDFs on the site.

Once again, I remember our early editions of the newsletter, eighteen years ago. Before we had other staff, I did not only website management, but newsletter design and all the writing. I shake my head in amazement at how it looks now that we have skilled people helping with it! Well there was one skilled person back then, Nanci, who put the mailing labels from our dot matrix printer on each and every newsletter, and took them to the post office. On our website you can also meet the wonderful Eternal Perspective Ministries staff.

Every month the staff sends out an informative e-mail called the EPM eNews Update with news about my books and projects, and radio and speaking appearances, as well as featured family news from EPM and stories about other worthy ministries we recommend and support. You can sign up to receive it by e-mail as well as read past issues online.

From time to time (maybe three to six times a year, though more this year due to a pressing writing project) I email specific prayer requests related to my writing and speaking ministry to the EPM Prayer Partners. I count it a great privilege that they would pray for me. They mean more to Nanci and me than I can express. When I list the prayer partners in the acknowledgments section of my upcoming book—as I've done in previous ones—it will not be a token thank you. It will be heartfelt. You can sign up to be a prayer partner and also read the latest prayer requests online.

Finally, those of you who are on Facebook might want to check out my page. I've read every note that's been posted with interest and appreciation, and only wish I could reply individually to all. Maybe on the New Earth!

Randy Alcorn, founder of EPM

Randy Alcorn (@randyalcorn) is the author of fifty-some books and the founder and director of Eternal Perspective Ministries