Nine Questions to Diagnose Theology Idolatry

Since I was a new believer, at age 15, I have loved theology. What I’ve always loved most is that it helps me get to know God better—His person, His plans, the way He works in His redemptive purposes.

Some are quick to minimize doctrine—“all that matters is loving Jesus.” But the more you know about Jesus, the more grounds you have to love Him. The doctrines of the deity and humanity of Christ, part of the larger field of theology called Christology, are vitally important not only to sound doctrine, but also to loving our Savior and Lord by getting to know Him better.

But theology, sadly, can also become an idol—as is everything that we put above God. Love theology, but be aware that if you care more about doctrine than about God, something is desperately wrong. Marshall Segal spells it out clearly and powerfully:

Is Theology Your Idolatry?

We have often loved what we’ve learned about God more than God himself.

The Bible warns us about the dangers that come with our knowledge of God, especially for the theologically refined and convinced. “You cannot serve both God and theology.” Good theology is a means to enjoying and worshiping God, or it is useless.

Has your theology turned into idolatry? Has your knowledge of God ironically and tragically drawn you away from Him, not nearer to Him? Here are nine questions that might help you diagnose theology idolatry in your own heart and mind.

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