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Christian Universalism

There’s a movement among Christians today towards what’s called Christian Universalism. It’s a belief that everybody ultimately will be saved—there will be no Hell, or at some point Hell will be depopulated and everyone will live forever with Christ in Heaven.

Watch the First Full Session from My Eternity 101 DVD Set

I really enjoyed teaching a 12-hour course on Heaven and the New Earth at Corban University last spring. We had it filmed with the goal of providing an affordable DVD set people can use for personal study, or in their churches, classes or small groups.

Whom Would You Choose?

If you had the opportunity to spend the evening with any person who’s ever lived, whom would you choose? Probably someone fascinating, knowledgeable, and accomplished.

What I’m Thankful for: A Thanksgiving Greeting

There are so many things for Nanci and me to be thankful for this year. We’ve talked about how grateful we are for our family—we have two daughters who are married to godly men, as well as four grandchildren already born and the fifth one on his way.