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How Should We View Muslims?

We can and should love Muslims, pray for them, defend their civil rights, reach out and help them. But we can still believe their religion is false and that no matter how devoutly they practice it, without Christ they will go to Hell.

Do We Get a Second Chance After Death?

In this video, EPM’s Julia (Stager) Mayo talks about whether or not the Bible teaches that we get a second chance to believe in Jesus after death. This five minute video is well worth watching and sharing.

Christian Universalism

There’s a movement among Christians today towards what’s called Christian Universalism. It’s a belief that everybody ultimately will be saved—there will be no Hell, or at some point Hell will be depopulated and everyone will live forever with Christ in Heaven.

A Strategy for Sharing Gospel Literature

Our EPM office recently received this note, and I think it inadvertently suggests a strategy for reaching people with the gospel.