Response to Newsletter Article "Scandal of Evangelical Dishonesty"

I am sad to confirm what you wrote in your article Scandal of Evangelical Dishonesty (Fall 2002 newsletter). I work as a staff person at a Christian college in Pennsylvania, and have taken classes at the college. Some of the things the professors teach and expose these students to is horrible for their faith. I have seen students come in as freshman ready to serve Jesus, and leave four years later, jaded and their faith destroyed or they are seriously questioning it.

A parent or student thinks there is some protection when a lot of times we show the same films on campus and bring in the same musical groups as a secular college would. The latest trendy speaker is taught, and Christ is just one of many choices. During chapels few even bring their Bibles. The Bible is seen as having mistakes in it!

Parents, encourage your children to be strong in their faith. Pray for them. Send them encouraging letters in the mail, not email. (You have never seen such sad faces as those students who go to the mailbox and there is nothing there.) Encourage them to get into life groups and do a Bible study weekly with them.

J. R.