Why Isn’t the Name of Jesus Spoken in the Movie End of the Spear?

End of the SpearWe chose to reflect Jesus in our film End of the Spear in the way that the Waodani came to know Him. The Waodani do not believe or trust in the words someone speaks, but they strongly believe in a person’s actions. To them a person’s actions are the only thing that speaks truthfully. Their word, “Inyae” embodies hearing, understanding, and doing as the same concept.

When the five missionaries were speared, it haunted the Waodani that the men did not defend themselves with their guns. This behavior, this action if you will, was unlike any action they had encountered in any previous spearing attack. When the missionary women were able to go in to the Waodani the warriors asked, “Why didn’t the men use their guns?” Dayumae told them exactly what we used in the movie, “They came to tell you Waengongi (Creator God) had a Son. He was speared, but did not spear back, so the people killing Him would one day live well.” The actions of the men were true, so the Waodani reasoned the statement from Dayumae must also be true, because they witnessed these actions when they speared the men.

We believe that this proclamation of Jesus is both true to the story, and at the heart of why the Waodani could believe and be transformed. This is also a very compelling way for someone who has never thought about Jesus, to consider Him. It was only by witnessing the actions of people who lived the words of Jesus Christ that the Waodani were able to believe, we think the same is true for many hearts around the world, and to them Jesus in action is the only thing that speaks truthfully.


Bearing Fruit Communications/Every Tribe Entertainment