Parental Alert

Note from Randy: I don’t think I’ve ever put in Eternal Perspectives an excerpt from an advertisement, but this is an exception. I concur with the information and the warning to parents and kids going off to college. No matter what form it takes, we need to be training our young people, and helping them to make wise choices about college.

Are you a Christian parent? Is your teenager a Christian? Are they thinking like a Christian? Numerous studies by George Barna, George Gallop, Josh McDowell Ministries’ and Nehemiah Institute reveal that the average “Christian” student in our church youth groups thinks and believes no different than non-churched teens.

57% could not even say that an objective standard of truth exists.

85% are likely to reason “just because it’s wrong for you, doesn’t mean it’s wrong for me.”

Only 29% disagreed with the statement: “When it comes to matters of ethics, truth means different things to different people; no one can be absolutely positive they have the truth.”

Only 38% disagreed with the statement: “Nothing can be known for certain except the things that you experience in your life.”

45% could not disagree with the statement: “Everything in life is negotiable.”

From 1988 to 1996, out of thousands of Christian students that were tested by this national ministry, 90% left high school either “at risk” or “easy prey” to humanistic, anti-Christian philosophies and ideas.

Is it any wonder that 55% of Christian students from Christian homes are denying their faith before they graduate from college? Will your teen deny the faith?

The Worldview Weekend will be held in nine states on a Friday night and a Saturday. We have a teen track that is designed with today’s teen in mind. Our nationally known speakers such as Josh McDowell, Sean McDowell, Kerby Anderson, Jerry Johnston, Ray Comfort, Frank Harber, and others address such questions as: How do we know there is truth? How do we know the Bible is true? How do I answer common objections to Christianity? Why is Christianity truth? How do I know other world religions are not based on truth?

The Worldview Weekend is not a luxury but a necessity! Invest a weekend in the spiritual growth of your life and that of your teen.

For a free brochure or registration on the Worldview Weekend, visit or call 1-888-326-4543.