Prayer Requires Christian Living

AugustineMy brothers and sisters,
Let us be wary of praying to Christ with our mouths
But remaining mute in our life.
Who is it that prays to Christ?
The person who spurns worldly pleasures.
The person who says—
Not in words but in conduct—
“The world has been crucified to me
and I to the world” (Gal 6:14).
The person who lavishly gives to the poor (Ps 112:9).

Rest assured, my brothers and sisters,
You will receive.
Ask, seek, knock;
You will receive and find,
And it will be opened to you.
However, do not ask, seek, and knock
With your voice alone
But with your life as well.
Do the works your life should never be without.

Saint Augustine: Serm. 88; Serm. Morin 16, 8