Are Young Prolife Evangelicals Inconsistent?

In this video, Randy talks about young prolife evangelicals. This is Randy's answer to a question, and is not an implied endorsement of the interviewer.

Following is an edited transcript of the video.

Unborn childInterviewer: A lot of younger evangelicals would say they are prolife, but they will even vote for candidates who are not. They will back political movements, causes, parties that are not. How would you respond to that inconsistency among many younger evangelicals?

Randy: It really is an inconsistency. Scripture says to speak up for those who cannot speak up for themselves, and defend the rights of the poor and needy. There are so many Old Testament and New Testament passages that call upon us as God’s people to speak up for the least of Christ’s brethren. These little children are created in the image of God.

What I say to people is, you are saying you believe that the unborn are children who are created in God’s image. But would you vote for someone who favored a parent’s right to kill their three year old? If there was someone running for office who said, “I think you should have the right to kill your children until they are three years old”, would you even consider voting for them?

“Of course I wouldn’t. That’s outrageous. How can you even ask that question?”

Then clearly you don’t believe the unborn are really children created in God’s image in the same sense you think that born children are. Because if you did, you would no more vote for a candidate who would support their killing or their right to kill them.

I’ve had Christians quote to me Planned Parenthood’s slogan, “Every child a wanted child”, saying it’s not right to bring children into the world who are not wanted. People can actually try to take the moral high ground as they advocate the killing of children.

I was in a debate with a Planned Parenthood person one time. I said, “Okay, your slogan is ‘Every child a wanted child.’ But how do you finish that statement?”

They said, “How do you mean finish that sentence?”

I said, “I believe every child a wanted child. So I say, let’s learn to want children more, and let’s get children in homes where people want them—like the millions of people who are lined up to adopt little children and can’t get them, because not enough are available, when in fact many of them are being killed. But how do you finish it? What you are saying is every child a wanted child, so let’s identify unwanted children and kill them before they are born.”

The nice little bumper sticker that says, “Every child a wanted child” really means, “Every unwanted child a dead child.” Obviously that doesn’t look good on a bumper sticker, and nobody actually has a sticker that says that. But that is really what it means.

Interviewer:  Half of the murders are female.

Randy: Exactly. In many countries, such as India and China, way more than half of the aborted children are females because there are sex-selection abortions with amniocentesis. They want boys to be born, and they don’t want girls.

More women’s rights are being violated by abortion than anything else in the world, because most of these unwanted children are actually females. But the people who take these positions and who pride themselves on being prochoice think they’re being pro-women.

I’ve met with dozens and dozens and dozens of women who have had abortions and whose lives have been scarred, sometimes unspeakably. And, yes, there is forgiveness that’s offered.

Mother and childYears ago we took a girl into our home who had previously had an abortion, and she was pregnant again. She placed that child up for adoption. We helped find a Christian family, and then she experienced another abortion as well. She looks back at her late term abortion, and her early abortion, and then compares that with placing the one child for adoption. Was placing the child up for adoption easy? No. But she can look back with a sense of satisfaction that she did what was in the best interest of that child, compared to the horror that she feels related to the two children who died. This woman now goes into prisons and meets with women and has Bible studies with them, and teaches them, and offers them forgiveness.

The church should always offer grace and forgiveness for these dear women. But we are not helping women or men in our churches if we fail to speak up on this issue. Would anyone say, “Let’s not talk about adultery, because a lot of our people are committing it and it would really hurt some people’s feelings”? No. You’ve just given the best reason for talking about the subject. Many people are committing adultery, so let’s address it. And sadly, many people are having abortions.

Interviewer:  Many confessing Christians are doing this. An amazing percentage of abortions are by evangelicals—a couple hundred thousand women a year who would claim to be evangelical are undergoing abortions.

Randy: One out of every five women in America who gets an abortion professes to be an evangelical Christian. In the vast majority of those cases, they are surely at least connected to local churches. They either attend regularly or are closely affiliated with churches to call themselves born-again Christians.

It is amazing. Think of all the young, or older, Christian men who are getting them pregnant. People talk about women’s rights, but I think what has actually gone against women is how fathers have been told, “This is not your child.”  They get women pregnant, and are told that abortion is a choice between a woman and her doctor. What’s really being said is, if the mother wants to have the child, then the father is responsible to care for the child. But if she doesn’t, then it’s as if he’s not a father at all. You can’t have it both ways. We have undermined the sense of responsibility of fathers toward their children, and that is a huge part of this culture of death and male irresponsibility.

Randy Alcorn (@randyalcorn) is the author of over sixty books and the founder and director of Eternal Perspective Ministries