Where the Book Royalties Go

But who am I, and who are my people, that we should be able to give as generously as this? Everything comes from you, and we have given you only what comes from your hand. 1 Chronicles 29:14

A Note from Randy Alcorn

I want to thank the people who have supported Eternal Perspective Ministries over the years. It’s a strange concept, isn’t it? The royalties from my books far exceed the amount our ministry spends to operate. So, instead of giving them all away, why don’t we just hold on to them and pay our own way, so no one needs to support us? Because we believe we need to depend on God, and on his people.

Your prayers and your kind gifts allow us to continue giving all the royalties away for ministry purposes—90% to other worthy Christian organizations and 10% to EPM to help offset the costs related to the writing/researching/editing of the books, as well as to help facilitate the giving away of our books to people all over the world. So every time a book is sold, it not only touches lives through its words, but also through the income it generates. Meanwhile EPM and its staff, including Nanci and me, have the benefit of people’s hearts being where they’ve put their treasure—so we receive not only financial support, but prayer.

We’d like to share with you just a few of the ways the book royalties have been used to make a difference in the world—and for eternity. Since the inception of Eternal Perspective Ministries in 1990 through 2012, we’ve had the privilege of giving away over six million dollars in book royalties. These pages highlight some of our special funds and the ministries they’ve helped support.

Missions Fund

Elque Languages Bible Translation
East Asia: unnamed island

Through the work of one of our ministry partners, EPM helps support the translation of the Gospel into two languages, the L and Q languages. Translation has never before been attempted in these languages, which represent about 700,000 people living on a Southeast Asian island where believers make up less than 1% of the population.

Shalom Birth Center
ACTION International
Southeast Asia: The Philippines

The Shalom Birthing Center provides quality prenatal care and Christian love to women living in poverty in the surrounding community. What makes Shalom distinct from other birthing homes is that each patient hears the Gospel and is prayed for by the center’s team.

Prolife Fund

Choose Life!
Pregnancy Resource Center
Europe: Serbia

An estimated 200,000 abortions are performed each year in Serbia compared to only 90,000 births. EPM sent support for their first pregnancy resource center, which helped fund the printing of Randy’s book The Purity Principle in Serbian, buy equipment for their educational programs in schools, and bring on a much-needed additional worker.

Relief Fund

Maternal/Child Health Programs
World Relief
Africa: Darfur

The people in this arid region face violent militia attacks and severe food and water shortages. Mothers bring their children to 13 feeding centers where the children are weighed, examined and given supplementary food as needed. World Relief then teaches these mothers how to fend off malnutrition by preparing nutritious meals.

Family Fund

Weekend to Remember Conferences
North America: The United States

These conferences, which provide couples with marriage-changing principles, have transformed thousands of marriages and lives. One woman who attended wrote, “My highlight was when my husband said he was now ready to accept God into his life... Because we came this weekend we have the tools to work things out.”

Disabilities Fund

Wheels for the World
Joni and Friends
Worldwide, in countries like El Salvador

Wheels for the World provides a free wheelchair, along with the Gospel of Jesus Christ to thousands of children and adults affected by disability worldwide, like this girl in the picture from El Salvador. Their teams share the love of Jesus Christ, extended through the gift of mobility, bringing hope, joy, and salvation.

Persecuted Church Fund

Help for Persecuted Christians
Open Doors
Worldwide, in countries like Iran

Around the globe, 100 million Christians are currently suffering persecution. Open Doors serves to strengthen persecuted believers, in countries like Iran and North Korea, through community development, ministries of prayer and advocacy, Bible and literature distribution, and leadership training and education.

Gaze upon Christ long enough, and you’ll become more of a giver. Give long enough, and you’ll become more like Christ. —Randy Alcorn, The Treasure Principle

Want more? Find links to more organizations we support and/or recommend at epm.org/recommended.

Did you know? We offer the option of giving through EPM’s special funds (listed above), and our ministry will make the choice of where specifically to send the resources. Some people prefer not to get on multiple mailing lists of organizations, but would rather EPM do their homework and select the best ministry in a particular area. We give 100% of what is designated to special funds, nothing is withheld. Check out the different funds and donate online at epm.org/donate.

This article originally appeared in the Winter 2011 issue of EPM's quarterly newsletter Eternal Perspectives.