Journalist Brit Hume's Response to Critics

Brit Hume

I don’t recall watching a Sunday morning news or commentary program for years, but in God’s providence I turned on the television four weeks ago, just a few minutes before Brit Hume made his now famous comments about Tiger Woods. I was amazed and grateful for what he said.

(Click here to see the video.)

Christianity Today interviewed him about this, and the very hostile responses and ridicule from the late night comedians and others. I appreciated Brit Hume’s response. May we have more journalists like him, not less. Click here to read the interview.

And on a side note, I received the following email recently and wanted to share it with you:

Reader Response:

My precious father served the Lord faithfully at a Bible school for 30 years. I bought him a copy of Heaven years ago and he read it and reread it. He loved Jesus faithfully and passionately all his life—and the book meant so much to him. It was on his bedside table the night he died and the verses he had underlined were read at his funeral. He totally loved the idea of a restored earth—and he grew increasingly impatient to be with the Lord—at 92 he got his wish. —H.M.

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