Will We Actually See God?

Think about the person you would most want to spend time with. Who would that person be? Your favorite singer, author, or athlete? Your best friend who moved away? A family member who’s already died?

Many Christians would say they’d want to spend time with Jesus. They’d want to see the Savior who created them, died for them, and made their life in Heaven possible—the one who loves them more than anyone else.

During his Sermon on the Mount, Jesus said, “God blesses those whose hearts are pure, for they will see God” (Matthew 5:8). So that means, yes, we’ll see God. But Jesus also said, “God is Spirit” (John 4:24). By this he meant that God the Father doesn’t have a body. But Jesus, God’s Son, does. And because Jesus is God himself, to see Jesus will be to see God.

Isaiah, an Old Testament prophet, had a vision of God. “He was sitting on a lofty throne, and the train of his robe filled the Temple” (Isaiah 6:1). Isaiah knew that the great and awesome God was seated on a throne. He didn’t have to be told, “Hey, that’s God.”

Seeing God made Isaiah afraid—just like Peter, Susan, Lucy, and Mr. and Mrs. Beaver “went all trembly” when they saw Aslan.

We can’t blame Isaiah for his fear, any more than the children in Narnia, because people usually don’t see God. Even the sight of an angel will terrify people. (See Daniel 10:7-10.) Perhaps Isaiah thought of God’s words to Moses, “You may not look directly at my face, for no one may see me and live” (Exodus 33:20). But God allowed Isaiah to see him. In Heaven, we also will be allowed to see God (Revelation 22:3-4).

The more time we spend with God, the better we’ll know him. He’s by far the most fascinating person in the universe. (After all, he’s the one that made all the interesting people we’ve ever known or read about.) Think of the questions we’ll be able to ask God. Are you getting your list ready? I sure am!

When you get to know Jesus better, he’ll be at the very top of your list of people you’d want to spend your day with. Sport and movie celebrities might be fun to meet, but they would get boring pretty soon. Jesus will never bore us. And the great thing is, you don’t have to wait to be with him. You can spend time with him right now. You do this by reading his Word, the Bible, praying to him, and thanking him for being with you all day long.

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Photo by planetMitch aunger on Unsplash

Randy Alcorn (@randyalcorn) is the author of over sixty books and the founder and director of Eternal Perspective Ministries