Do You Plan to Have a Follow up Story about Ollie Chandler from Deception?

DeceptionI hope to, eventually. If I do, Ollie will be the first main character I’ve ever used in more than one novel. I’ve always known it would be easier to reuse the main character in that role, because I wouldn’t have to start over with a new one, or take the additional time to get into the head of a minor character from an earlier novel, as I’ve done a few times.

But after Deadline, I thought Jake Woods didn’t need another book as the main character. After Dominion, Clarence Abernathy could serve as a support character, but his story had been told. A number of people wanted me to finish Nick Seagrave’s story after Edge of Eternity, and the stories of Jordan Fletcher from Lord Foulgrin’s Letters and Jillian and her friends from The Ishbane Conspiracy, and Ben Fielding from Safely Home.

In each case I’d invested a lot in the development of the main characters, but didn’t feel like I wanted to go further with them. Ollie Chandler is my first exception. I like him, I’m in his head (or he’s in mine), and I've enjoyed writing about Ollie so much that I’m considering another murder mystery centered on him. I had thought Deception would complete what began in Deadline and Dominion, but Ollie’s the first viewpoint character I’ve ever had who made me want to stay with him for another book or two. I keep thinking of more things Ollie could do and say. It would sure be fun to start with a main character who already seems like a good friend. Ollie’s full of surprises, and I enjoy his company.

So if there’s a strong response to Deception, likely I’ll try another.

Randy Alcorn (@randyalcorn) is the author of over sixty books and the founder and director of Eternal Perspective Ministries