Shipping Clerk Dwight Myers

Dwight MyersDwight Myers is the shipping clerk for Eternal Perspective Ministries. He also monitors inventory and receives incoming book shipments from publishers and suppliers. October 1st will be Dwight’s 3rd anniversary of working for EPM. 

All his life, Dwight has worked with inventory control. But he had never before worked in the publishing field. “You gotta think different,” said Dwight.  When a new book comes out, he knows that means a large stock will need to be maintained of the book or item being promoted. But that doesn’t mean carrying less of anything else. Dwight just finds a way to make space in his stock room, which is deceptively small for how much stock goes through it. “It’s like working out of a suitcase."

His favorite thing about working at EPM “is the thing I didn’t want to get involved in the first time I heard about it.”

That was to help determine where to give part of the royalties of Randy’s books. It is a privilege of the EPM staff that Dwight does not take lightly. “It scared me to death,” said Dwight. But he also said that “being allowed to give like that” has brought him the most joy.

The teaching of Randy’s book The Treasure Principle has been important in Dwight’s life. “I go over The Treasure Principle probably once a year to refresh my mind on some of the principles in there.”  Dwight is enthusiastic about the freedom of a life lived away from the bondage of debt. He said it was a lesson learned later in life, but one that he hopes to pass on to his family by example.

Dwight has been married to Dawn for 53 years. They have 3 children, 6 grandchildren, and 4 great grandchildren.

The couple enjoy spending time with their family, especially in the outdoors. “We usually camp annually on some lake,” said Dwight. They enjoy watching their grandkids and great grandkids excel in life and mature.

Dwight likes the occasional good book, but as he said, “I’d rather be doing something with my hands…making something or restoring something.” He does have a special place in his heart for Randy Alcorn’s novel Safely Home. “That was the first time that when I got to the last chapter I was emotionally involved,” he said. 

If you really want to see his eyes light up with joy, ask him about farming. “To me, to get out on a rototiller is the most relaxing therapy, to nurture the soil and watch things grow,” said Dwight, who enjoys sharing the analogies for the Christian life that he sees in nature.

For the past 15 years, Dwight and Dawn have served as volunteer chaplains at Multnomah County Inverness Jail. Dawn talks with the girls, one or two at a time. Every other Sunday, Dwight does back to back chapel services for two different men’s dorms. “It’s really concentrated,” said Dwight.  He encourages the men to initiate a conversation one-on-one with a chaplain at another time. At any given time, a chaplain may be available, but is not allowed to initiate the conversation. 

Dwight’s favorite passage from Scripture is Psalm 1. He reads it at least once a week. “Blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly,” Dwight quoted from the passage, saying, “There’s a difference between being with them and following their advice.”