Milestones for Meaningful Relationships

Acceptance, Affirmation, Accountability, Authority

Steve Farrar - Point Man

Have you been with a woman this week in such a way that was inappropriate or could have looked to others that you were using poor judgment?

Have you been completely above reproach in all of your financial dealings this week?

Have you exposed yourself to any explicit material this week?

Have you spent daily time in prayer and in the scriptures this week?

Have you fulfilled the mandate of your calling this week?

Have you taken time to be with your family this week?

Have you just lied to me?


Randy Alcorn - Accountability Groups

What are the biggest barriers to your relationship with God?

What are the biggest barriers to your relationship with your wife?

What are the most serious temptations you face at home? At work? Elsewhere?

If Satan were to wage an all-out attack on your life, what area(s) would he focus on?

What have you learned or memorized this week from God’s Word? (Share a specific passage.)

What happened this week that put you to the test? How did you respond?

How are you doing in your relationship with God? (Be specificÑtime in the Word, prayer, sense of dependence on the Lord, etc.)

How are you doing in your relationship with your wife? (Be specificÑcommunication, spiritual sharing, conflict resolution, etc.)

How are you doing in your relationships with your children? Or parents? Other key people?

How are you doing in your relationships at work or school?

How are you doing with your thought life? This week did you consistently keep your thoughts and actions pure before God? (If the answer is “yes”, ask “Are you lying?”)

What kind of a ministry did you have this week? Whom did you share Christ with, either directly or indirectly? Or, how did you use your gifts and resources to help the needy?

How can the others pray specifically for you this week?

Anything else you’d like to share? (questions or issues you’re dealing with?)


Steve Arterburn - Everyman’s Battle

Have you received sexual gratification from anyone or anything other than your wife?


Stu Weber - All the King’s Men

Are you praying consistently for your wife?

What have you been learning from Scripture lately?

What’s the purpose of your life right now?

Describe your prayer life recently.

Are you tithing regularly?

How much time are you spending with your kids?

Have you intentionally held onto any lustful thoughts in the last week? Have you viewed anything sexually explicit?