Books with Endorsements from Randy Alcorn

Listed alphabetically below:

Abortion: A Rational Look At an Emotional Issue

Abortion: A Rational Look At an Emotional Issue, Twentieth Anniversary Edition
by R. C. Sproul

When I read R. C. Sproul’s book on abortion twenty years ago I was still a pastor. I recall how grateful I was that a respected theologian had spoken out so clearly on the critical issue of abortion. At the time, such voices were few and far between, with many evangelical theologians seemingly silent about the plight of unborn children. Sproul’s logic is sharp and penetrating, and his reliance on biblical authority is refreshing. The appendix, in which Dr. Jerome Lejeune offers courtroom testimony, is a great bonus. I’m happy to recommend the re-release of Dr. Sproul’s book on this vital subject, and I pray God will use it to enlighten many new readers.

Ain't No River

Ain’t No River
by Sharon Ewell Foster

I love Sharon Foster, and I enjoy reading what she writes. Ain’t No River is a story with texture and substance, immersing us in a drama with heart-touching characters, conflicts and resolutions. You’ll also find Someone behind the scenes accomplishing his larger purposes. For many readers this book will be a cross-cultural experience—and often our most rewarding experiences are cross-cultural. I’m delighted to recommend this book.

A Moment of Weakness

A Moment of Weakness, Forever Faithful Series #2
by Karen Kingsbury

Karen Kingsbury has written a heart-gripping love story. A Moment of Weakness demonstrates the devastating consequences of wrong choices, and the long shadows deception casts over the lives of God’s children. It also shows the even longer reach of God’s providence, grace and forgiveness.

Another GospelAnother Gospel?: A Lifelong Christian Seeks Truth in Response to Progressive Christianity
by Alisa Childers

Deconstructed faith stories are the new normal. We all know people who once seemed solid Christians but have walked away. Alissa’s story of her own reconstructed faith is a breath of fresh air. She shares her doubts and struggles and the journey God led her on to rediscover the Solid Rock on which she stands. This excellent book is full of hope and sound reasons for faith in Jesus and God’s Word. 

Any Ol Bush Will DoAny Ol’ Bush Will Do: The Life Story of John Corey
as told to Jim Morud

John Corey was an ordinary man who did extraordinary things because of a God-given vision and a stubborn will to see it through. This book is at times plain and simple, down-to-earth, while other times it soars up to Heaven. It captures the heart and soul of old school missionaries who didn’t know the meaning of “short-term.” Crossing the Atlantic on a freighter, traveling in Africa from village to village on a mule, getting mail every 4-6 weeks, dealing with poisonous snakes and no running water or indoor bathroom. It’s a story of raising children who came to regard Africa as their home, a story of what missions once was that captures the heart of what missions will always be. John Corey’s was a life full of joys and sorrows. I was deeply moved by the account of his death, before which he spoke personally with and blessed every child and grandchild. In a time when we think too much about inheritances and too little about heritage, John and Jeanette Corey have left their family a remarkable heritage. Reunion awaits in a far better world. Read this book and learn the calling, costs, joys and ultimate rewards of missions, and of living with an eternal perspective.


Atlantyx: It Begins As a Game...And Ends As a Battle for Your Soul
by Chase Dalton

Atlantyx captured me from the start. Imaginative and mysterious, it portrays the yearnings of the heart for a greater reality-and the vulnerability of the heart to false realities. It’s a captivating story.

Beautiful Nate

Beautiful Nate: A Memoir of a Family’s Love, a Life Lost and Eternal Promises
by Dennis Mansfield

Dennis Mansfield tells a poignant heart-rending story of a Christian family where everything was supposed to turn out alright, but didn’t. This is the true account of a beloved son’s wayward choices and the devastating effects on his family. Dennis’s honest soul-searching narrative serves to challenge some of the unrealistic expectations and false promises of formula-driven performance Christianity. Some will find comfort and camaraderie in discovering they are not the only ones who’ve read the books and heard the sermons and tried their best to “do it right,” only to find that family life in this world under the curse is not as simple or predictable as believers sometimes pretend. Yet there remains a hopeful note throughout—a redemptive God whose story is not done.

BecomingBecoming: Loving the Process to Wholeness
by Clint Gresham

I’ve known a good number of professional athletes who desire to honor Christ. Clint Gresham is one who used his NFL career and his Super Bowl win, as a Gospel platform. Becoming is a courageous book, in which Clint deals with things everyone can relate to, inside or outside of sports. He has faced his fears and insecurities, and is transparent about them and his journey toward healing and wholeness. He speaks honestly and openly about things that nearly all professional athletes—and the rest of us too—have often felt, but rarely speak about, and almost never publicly. I admire Clint’s honesty and courage, but most of all his trust in Jesus, the Audience of One who sees all and knows all, and accepts and transforms us by His redemptive grace. Clint appeals to the timeless wisdom of God’s Word, making this much more than a book of personal opinions. I was genuinely touched by Becoming, and I think you will be too.

The  Begotten

The Begotten, Gifted Series #1
by Lisa T. Bergren

Lisa Bergren’s The Begotten is a rich and carefully crafted medieval mystery, reflecting extensive research. I felt transported to another time and place, ushered into a fascinating world. Lisa tells a compelling story, and tells it extremely well.

The Biggest WinThe Biggest Win  
by Josh Cooley

Josh Cooley, a talented sports writer with unusual spiritual insight, has written a unique and engaging book. Neither fan boy nor critic, Josh shows these pro football players as what they are: authentic and imperfect brothers striving to honor Jesus. The timeless biblical principles at work in their stories carry over seamlessly to readers. Well written, true-to-reality, and spiritually uplifting, The Biggest Win is one of the finest sports books I’ve ever read!   

The Book of God

The Book of God: How We Got the Bible
by Ben Avery

Ben Avery has written a fascinating story of how the Bible we hold in our hands came into being. Javier Saltares has illustrated it with art that ranges from beautiful to breathtaking. I read a lot of big books and deep theology, but I was raised on comic books and I love an interesting and visually striking graphic novel. For this work of nonfiction to be so well researched and so magnificently illustrated is a marvelous combination. Though I’ve read several books on how we got our Bible, I learned a lot more in The Book of God, and had fun in the process. This book will reach an audience that would never read the same information in a conventional volume. I predict a higher level of reader involvement, inspiration and retention due to the combination of engaging text and stunning artwork. Congratulations to Ben, Javier and Kingstone Media on this terrific achievement. I look forward to reading more books of this kind.

The Breaking Point

The Breaking Point
by Karen Ball

The Breaking Point is compelling and strikingly honest. This story touches the heart and gives hope for struggling marriages. Karen Ball writes with clarity, depth, and power.

Bryson City Tales

Bryson City Tales
by Dr. Walt Larimore

With homespun warmth, my friend Dr. Walt Larimore tells stories that integrate the science and art of medicine. Walt is a brilliant life-long learner who is patient-centered. Bryson City Tales portrays medical practice as something deeply personal, relational and spiritual.


Bulletproof: The Making of an Invincible Mind
by Chuck Holton

My friend Chuck Holton is a man of character and perspective. He writes skillfully and with faith-grounded insight. We live in a time when courage is often celebrated but seldom practiced. What we need is to learn to trust Christ for our immediate futures as much as we must trust Him for our eternal futures. I pray God will use Chuck’s book to release people from their fears and light a fire of Christian courage.

Called to Stay

Called to Stay
by Caleb Breakey

It’s a rare book that is biblical, strategic, timely, well written and persuasive all at the same time. Called to Stay is such a book. We all wish our churches were better, but many Christians have become hypercritical and intolerant of the body of Christ. It’s always easier to point out the problems and walk away rather than stay and humbly serve as part of the solution.  I’m delighted Caleb Breakey has written this book, and I highly recommend it to young and old alike. 

The Case for  Life

The Case for Life: Equipping Christians to Engage the Culture
by Scott Klusendorf

Scott Klusendorf has produced a marvelous resource that will equip pro-lifers to communicate more creatively and effectively as they engage our culture. The Case for Life is well-researched, well-written, logical, and clear, containing many pithy and memorable statements. Those already prolife will be equipped, those on the fence will likely be persuaded. Readers looking to speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves will find much here to say. I highly recommend this book.

Choose LifeChoose-Life
by Jeanette Hagen Pifer

Choose Life is a thorough and articulate examination of the prolife position by multiple highly-qualified contributors. Their challenges to the prochoice position are reasoned and thoughtful. Whether you’re prolife, prochoice or on the fence, this book has much to offer you.

The Christian Imagination

The Christian Imagination : The Practice of Faith in Literature and Writing
by Leland Ryken (Editor)

This is an extraordinary treasure of thought-provoking reflections, by many of my favorite authors (including Lewis, Tolkien, and Chesterton). The sections on “Imagination, Beauty and Creativity” and “Myth and Fantasy” were particularly rich, at times enchanting. “In Praise of Stories” was one of many intriguing articles I intend to go back to. I would read one or two of these delicacies, then force myself to put the book down, to contemplate what I’d read, yes, but also to ration out the precious remains. Whether you restrain your appetite and consume it over weeks or months, or gorge yourself in a day or two, you’ll find this a literary feast, to be read with pen or highlighter in hand. It’s also a bargain, since there are a dozen articles easily worth the price of the book. The Christian Imagination should not be resigned to literature classes. It deserves a place in homes that love, or want to love, great books, and long to enter worlds that lead to The World. If your imagination has gotten too wet to burn, this book is a flame-thrower.

Clear Winter Nights

Clear Winter Nights
by Trevin Wax

Trevin Wax’s Clear Winter Nights is an engaging story about something fresh and vital—the old kind of Christian, transformed by Christ, doing battle with sin, relying on Jesus day after day. The book raises honest questions and offers honest answers, based on what’s rock solid, not our culture’s ever-shifting worldview. I enjoyed the moving relationship between a young man and an old one, with history, heritage, mentoring and friendship. I found Clear Winter Nights to be warm, compelling and thought-provoking.

Come and SeeCome & See: Everything You Ever Wanted in the One Place You Would Never Look
by Todd Wagner

I love Todd Wagner, his family and Watermark Church. With people in large numbers giving up on the church, I love that Todd still loves it. So do I. If you want to have hope for Christ's church, dig into this thoughtful, well-written and engaging book. Come and see the Jesus who adores his church and can still make her a wonder to behold.

Creation  Regained

Creation Regained: Biblical Basics for a Reformational Worldview, 2nd edition
by Al Wolters

Several years ago, while researching the New Earth for my book Heaven, I stumbled online upon Creation Regained. I ordered it based on its title alone (which often proves to be a big mistake). From its opening chapter on worldview, I knew I had discovered a treasure. As I read what Al Wolters had to say about creation, fall and redemption, I found myself repeatedly exclaiming “Yes!”

Until then, I had read only a few other books that resonated with the vast redemptive scope of Matthew 19:28, Acts 3:21, Romans 8:18-23, and other Scriptures. Regrettably, I have seen few since. For too long we have reduced and distorted the gospel to the snatching of souls from earth to a distant and intangible realm suitable for angels, not people. Yet the Bible shows that in His unfolding drama of redemption, God is at work to reclaim not just our souls, but our bodies, and not just our bodies, but the Earth from which that first human body was made, and over which God purposed us to reign.

Al Wolters concisely and persuasively demonstrates that God’s plan for righteous humanity to live on and reign over an uncursed earth was not thwarted by Satan or by man’s sin. (How small a God he would be if that were the case.) He never revoked or abandoned his original great commission for us to rule a good earth to his glory. The last chapters of the Bible promise that God’s original design revealed in the first chapters, greatly enhanced and magnified through Christ’s work, will indeed be fulfilled on a New Earth. Having fallen on mankind’s coat-tails, the earth will rise on our coat-tails, so that resurrected humanity will occupy and rule a resurrected Earth. This is the full gospel of the kingdom, and it is one that is vital to a biblical worldview. It alone explains the Bible’s description of Christians as those who are “looking forward to a new heaven and new earth.”

Creation Regained is biblically and philosophically sound, and offers an understanding that is both refreshing and satisfying. It will be for many a paradigm shifting perspective, one desperately needed by today’s churches and families. The penetrating insights Al Wolters brings will help us to stop redefining the gospel in narrow and shallow and individualistic terminology and assumptions which discredit the breadth and depth of God’s redemptive plan. Readers of this book will celebrate a central and liberating truth that has become tragically obscure: God has no more given up on the rest of his creation than he has given up on us.

The new Postscript to Creation Regained brings together and clarifies key elements of this vital discussion. It’s an insightful and welcome addition to the book. Regardless of your theological leanings, you have much to gain from reading this great book. I highly recommend it.

Creator, Father, KingCreator, Father, King: A One Year Journey With God
by Josh Cooley

Josh Cooley has written a terrific devotional for young people! From January 1 to December 31 this is a biblically solid and relevant collection of insights into God’s Word, Christ-centered thinking and Jesus-honoring living. I will buy this book for my grandchildren—I can’t think of a stronger endorsement!

The  Dangerous Duty of Delight

The Dangerous Duty of Delight
by John Piper

For years I’ve pointed people to John Piper’s classic Desiring God, which is high on my list of all time favorite books. A year ago I told a friend that I’d love to see a “mini-Desiring God,” a short but sweet version of John’s message on joy and desire, which has touched so many lives, including mine. The Dangerous Duty of Delight is more than I asked for. Dynamic, joyful and lifechanging, this message is biblical, Christ-centered and desperately needed in the church today. I read the book last week and have already given away copies to family and friends.

The Darwin  Conspiracy

The Darwin Conspiracy
by James Scott Bell

Jim Bell has written a clever story, full of historical and scientific insights, blended with creative whimsy. The Darwin Conspiracy is ingenious and engaging.

The Day God Flipped My SwitchThe Day God Flipped My Switch
by Ron Benrey

I really enjoyed this book, because I love surprising conversions! Ron—a “late-blooming Christian”—spent more than 50 years as a non-believer. The way God stepped into Ron’s life and did His work of grace was beautiful. Although I disagree with Ron on the significant issues of biblical inerrancy and macroevolution, I found the genuineness of his conversion to Christ, and the fresh, unique well-told story very touching.

The Debt

The Debt, Women of Faith Series #8
by Angela Elwell Hunt

The Debt is a powerful story, captivating and superbly written. I couldn’t put it down. Angela Hunt touched my heart. When I finished, I thanked Jesus for speaking to me. That’s the highest compliment I can pay any book.

The Deep, Deep Love of JesusThe Deep, Deep Love of Jesus
by Nate Walker

Nate Walker has written a remarkable book. Just reading the Table of Contents was stirring, but don’t stop there! I read The Deep Deep Love of Jesus in a time of great sorrow. God used it to speak to my weary mind and comfort my broken heart. This book is rich, attractive, engaging and concise. It explores in a fresh way the greatest person and most significant theme in the universe!

Diary of a Teenage Girl

Diary of a Teenage Girl Series, Volumes 1-3
by Melody Carlson

In Diary of a Teenage Girl, Melody Carlson captures the voice of teens today in a character we can all relate to. This book sends the message every parent, youth pastor and wise student wants to share. The unique peer perspective makes it very effective. Integrating the crucial message of the gospel, it forces us to weigh issues. It causes us to look at a young person (in reality ourselves) objectively. It challenges, convicts, and leaves us with hope for the future. I highly recommend this book.

Did I Kiss  Marriage Goodbye?

Did I Kiss Marriage Goodbye?: Trusting God with a Hope Deferred
by Carolyn McCulley

Carolyn McCulley has written a remarkable book, biblically-saturated and Christ-exalting. Her words are wise, encouraging, personal and much-needed. I highly recommend Did I Kiss Marriage Goodbye?

Directed Verdict

Directed Verdict
by Randy D. Singer

Directed Verdict is a well-crafted courtroom drama with strong characters, surprising twists, and a compelling theme: international accountability for religious persecution. Randy Singer’s novel is engaging, memorable, and highly significant.

The DuetThe Duet
by Robert Elmer

Robert Elmer’s The Duet is a charming love story in which backgrounds and traditions clash. If you love music, nostalgia or a rural setting, this heartwarming novel is for you.

Do Hard  ThingsDo Hard Things: A Teenage Rebellion Against Low Expectations
by Alex and Brett Harris

Do Hard Things is an extraordinary book. In fact, I believe it will prove to be one of the most life-changing, family-changing, church-changing and culture-changing books of this generation.

I know and respect the authors and their family. Alex and Brett Harris are the real deal, Christ-centered young men of character and vision, committed to serving Jesus with humility and excellence. In this God-anointed book, they communicate an exciting and paradigm-shifting vision for teenagers, emphasizing joyful self-discipline, collaboration and service.

This sounds more radical than it should because we’ve failed our young people by lowering our expectations and enabling them to lower theirs. But raising expectations and following Christ wholeheartedly is a refreshing and long-overdue message countless teenagers are longing for and will gladly embrace. As a volunteer high school coach, I spend lots of time with teenagers and I plan to give them Do Hard Things.

I read countless books but this is one of the most unique, defining and important ones I’ve ever seen. It is paradigm-shifting, revolutionary, liberating and hope-instilling. Not only the insights and principles, but the stories of young people cheerfully doing hard things will capture your imagination. While I’d love for every teenager to read Do Hard Things, I’m just as eager for every parent, church leader and educator to read it.

God spoke to me and encouraged and challenged me through Do Hard Things. If you do the hard thing of saying no to distractions and yes to this remarkable book, I guarantee you’ll be richly rewarded.

Dying to GiveDying to Give
by Chris McDaniel

We are in desperate need of clearer models of giving, and the exercise of the gift of giving, as well as conscious efforts to give more and more wisely.

Emblems of the Infinite KingEmblems of the Infinite King: Enter the Knowledge of the Living God
by Ryan Lister

When sound systematic theology is conveyed in a vibrant and accessible way to kids, it is a victory to be celebrated. Emblems of the Infinite King does this, and I enthusiastically recommend it!

The Emerging Brave New World

The Emerging Brave New World: Restoring The Sanctity of Life Ethic in American Culture
by Thomas Glessner

Tom Glessner has written a thoughtful and persuasive analysis of the history of abortion-related political and judicial developments in America. It’s a clear and important explanation of how our country arrived where we are, and an inspiring call to move where we need to go. I applaud the challenge to Christian churches to rise and speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves.  

Eternal Mark of a MomThe Eternal Mark of a Mom: Shaping the World Through The Heart of a Child
by Linda Weber

From the day I met Linda Weber over 45 years ago, I witnessed her focus and intentionality as a mother.  I know few people who have given more thought to motherhood than Linda has.  The Eternal Mark of a Mom overflows with insights and wise advice.  It offers truths and tools, principles and practices that will bring much-needed hope and help to moms.

Facebook Jesus
by Jeremy Kingsley

I like Jeremy Kingsley, and I like Facebook Jesus. It’s a call to discipleship drawing from the biblical stories of God’s followers. I pray this book will convince many to publicly declare that Jesus is their Lord, and privately live out that declaration in humble service.

The Family Life BibleFaithlife Study Bible

The Faithlife Study Bible is a remarkable resource that allows you to probe deeply yet move quickly. You can glide effortlessly from passage to passage with insightful commentary, or view cross-references without leaving the Scripture you’re studying. Read through the Bible in a year, and dig in wherever you want with the Faithlife Study Bible. Incredible!


Feel: The Power of Listening to Your Heart
by Matthew Elliott

Feel is an engaging book that’s potentially liberating. God made emotions and Jesus expressed them; they need to be reclaimed and redeemed, not ignored or abandoned. Matthew Elliott does a service to the church through this thoughtful work.

The Fifth  Man

The Fifth Man
by John B. Olson & Randall Ingermanson

The Fifth Man is good science and good fiction. It’s true to the details but is never sidetracked by them. Olson and Ingermanson deliver an entertaining futuristic story, with action, romance, and surprising twists.

Fingerprints of God

Fingerprints of God: Recognizing God's Touch on Your Life  
by Jennifer Rothschild

Perceptive and wise, Jennifer Rothschild writes from the heart, with warmth and sensitivity. Reading When Nothing Else Will Do, I felt like I was sitting across the table from her. Jennifer loves Jesus and will help you love Him too.

Forever by Paul David Tripp

Forever: Why You Can't Live Without It
by Paul David Tripp

Paul David Tripp is one of the wisest and most quotable writers anywhere. In Forever, he brilliantly addresses our crying need for an eternal perspective. This book is superbly written and breathtakingly on target. I found myself exclaiming “yes” over and over, about every other page. Read this book, and live what this book teaches, for God’s glory and for your good—and that of everyone you influence.

Voice of the   Martyrs

Foxe's Book of Martyrs
by John Foxe

As a new Christian, a teenager, in 1969 I read Foxe’s Book of Martyrs. Those powerful stories ignited me, raised the bar of my commitment to Christ, and gave me a love for persecuted Christians. I pray this wonderful book from Voice of the Martyrs will do the same for countless readers. Hebrews 11 is still being written throughout the world—may we learn from those stories. And, empowered by Christ, may we live in such a way that our own stories might one day be worth telling.

Free to FollowFree to Follow: Finding freedom and joy living as a fully surrendered Christ follower
by Michael Blue

The better I know Michael Blue, the more I appreciate how much thought he’s given to what it means to follow Jesus. Michael is insightful, honest and sensitive to Christ and his kingdom priorities. I don’t usually expect a financial advisor to say, ”Lay down your life.” Michael does. In Free to Follow, he gives a Christ-centered wake up call that can help you lose your life, and in the process, find it. 

Freedom SeekersFreedom Seekers
by Lois Walfrid Johnson

Lois Walfrid Johnson writes stories kids love. When they were young, my daughters read her Freedom Seekers books, and really enjoyed them. These are stories that not only entertain, but call children to conviction, courage and Christ-centered living. I highly recommend Lois and these excellent books.

Friend-ishFriend-ish: Reclaiming Real Friendship in a Culture of Confusion
by Kelly Needham

We have social media friendships, idolizing friendships, self-seeking friendships and other friend-ish relationships. Kelly Needham skillfully points us toward true biblical friendships. She shows us the beauty and necessity of biblical friendships and the ways friendships can assume the wrong place. With good-hearted and wise counsel, Kelly helps us see friendship as God intends it to be.

Giving It All AwayGiving It All Away… and Getting It All Back Again: The Way of Living Generously
by David Green

David Green has publicly taken courageous moral stands with Hobby Lobby, a company he founded but which he knows belongs to God. I loved this wonderful book of wise and integrity-permeated perspectives on God-honoring values in the workplace, enduring family legacies, and the heartfelt joy and enduring rewards of giving.

Giving  Wisely

Giving Wisely? Killing with Kindness or Empowering Lasting Transformation?
by Jonathan Martin

Jonathan Martin’s book Giving Wisely? is a significant contribution to the body of Christ, raising important questions that demand good answers. We need to give more generously and more strategically at the same time, being careful not to harm the very people we want to help. As a former missionary and missions pastor at my home church, I have seen Jonathan bring rich experience and passion to this subject. He offers guidelines that alert and encourage us toward giving that will have a lasting impact. I commend Jonathan for his transparency about his own growth in this area, and his heart to encourage individuals and organizations to give more, but at the same time give more wisely.

God Does His Best Work With EmptyGod Does His Best Work with Empty
by Nancy Guthrie

Nancy Guthrie is one of my favorite writers, not least of all because she’s saturated with God’s Word. She affirms Jesus without ever offering cheap “get-on-with-it“ advice that’s code for “stop grieving, it makes us uncomfortable.” With honesty and transparency, Nancy affirms gospel truth that encourages, corrects and empowers us to embrace the blood-bought goodness and joy of Jesus. This is a terrific book. 

The God Guarantee

The God Guarantee: Finding Freedom from the Fear of Not Having Enough
by Jack Alexander

In The God Guarantee, Jack Alexander exposes fear as the underlying enemy of generous giving. He calls us to trust God, and value community, and makes it easier to do so with the perspectives he brings and the stories he tells.

God Made Me For HeavenGod Made Me For Heaven
by Marty Machowski

Marty Machowski’s God Made me for Heaven is a simple and delightful book that will help children look forward to living forever with Jesus and God’s people. It’s centered on the Gospel, the Good News of salvation in Jesus, which is the basis on which anyone can be assured of Heaven. Beautifully written and illustrated.

Grace Matters

Grace Matters: A Memoir of Faith, Friendship, and Hope in the Heart of the South
by Chris P. Rice

Straightforward, pulling no punches, Grace Matters is an absorbing account of whites and blacks living, learning, fighting and healing together. Chris Rice’s story reveals the costs and payoffs of true racial reconciliation—the kind that requires more than words.

Grace: Moe Than We Deserve, Better Than We ImagineGrace: More Than We Deserve, Better Than We Imagine
by Max Lucado

Few writers are better than Max Lucado, no subject is better than God’s grace. I found Grace: More Than We Deserve, Better than We Imagine, to be exceptionally honest, captivating, and life-giving. God used this book to speak to me in a soul-stirring and Christ-exalting way. I love Max Lucado as a brother, and I love this book.

The Great  Divide

The Great Divide
by T. Davis Bunn

T. Davis Bunn kept me up past 1:00 AM two nights in a row. I don’t regret the lost sleep for a moment! The Great Divide is a gripping courtroom drama, raising concerns of immense importance. It held me right to the end.

Halfway to Forever

Halfway to Forever, Forever Faithful Series #3
by Karen Kingsbury

Halfway to Forever has believable characters you care about. You’ll feel their tension, heartbreak and joy. Karen Kingsbury sweeps readers right in. She really knows how to tell a story.

The Happy Room

The Happy Room
by Catherine Palmer

Catherine Palmer’s The Happy Room is both a moving story and a captivating portrayal of family dynamics. This novel has the ring of truth. Read it because it’s a fascinating story, but also because you’ll walk away with a deeper understanding of the lasting memories of childhood, and the expectations, hurts and joys of family life.

Haunted    Waters

Haunted Waters
by Jerry B. Jenkins & Chris Fabry

Haunted Waters is snappy, fast-paced and fun. Jerry Jenkins and Chris Fabry have created interesting characters you’ll want to spend time with. This story pulls you in, and opens a window on family relationships. To top it off, the ending is a real grabber. This is a highly enjoyable book!


Healer, Scottish Brides of Alba Series #1
by Linda Windsor

In Healer, Scottish Brides of Alba Series #1, Linda Windsor combines a knack for thorough research and the skill to draw from it judiciously in telling an engaging story. She weaves together a rich and detailed tapestry of sixth century life in Scotland. Her notes about Arthurian characters, the Grail Palace, and the bibliography are well worth reading. Linda has done her homework and written a fine story.

Heaven Your Real HomeHeaven: Your Real Home... From a Higher Perspective
by Joni Eareckson Tada

When I researched in preparation to write my book Heaven years ago, I read 150 books on the topic, some of them hundreds of years old, literally every book I could find. I’ve often been asked which was my favorite, and my answer is always the same: Joni’s. I’m delighted that this already great book has been updated and will reach a new generation of readers! I personally look forward to reading it again. Thank you, Joni, for your great heart for God and your infectious anticipation of Heaven as our home.

The Heavens: Intimate Moments with Your Majestic God

The Heavens: Intimate Moments with Your Majestic God
by Kevin Hartnett

Kevin Hartnett and I share a lifelong love for astronomy. Kevin is not only an accomplished amateur astronomer and astro-photographer, but also works for NASA on the Hubble Space Telescope project, and is an outstanding poet. Above all he is a God-worshipper. Kevin has produced a beautiful and inspiring book, filled with a sense of awe and wonder that deeply honors God. It leads the heart to praise and worship. I am happy to recommend The Heavens: Intimate Moments with Your Majestic God, which will be of great interest and spiritual encouragement to many.

Help My Unbelief

Help My Unbelief: Why Doubt Is Not the Enemy of Faith
by Barnabas Piper

Barnabas Piper's Help My Unbelief is an honest, self-revealing and engaging treatment of an important subject. This winsome and well-reasoned book avoids clichés and easy, superficial answers. It will benefit many—including those who doubt, those who "sort of" believe, and those who believe, yet long to do so more completely.

The Hole in Our HolinessThe Hole in Our Holiness: Filling the Gap Between Gospel Passion and the Pursuit of Godliness
by Kevin DeYoung

Holiness was once a central component of following Christ. But for many today, the Christian life is little more than a celebration of cheap grace and pseudo-liberty, with a high tolerance for sin. In this well-written and much-needed book, Kevin DeYoung thoughtfully points us to an unpopular yet strangely liberating truth—that God is holy and expects us to be holy. With no hint of legalism or drudgery, Kevin offers a balanced and engaging view of law and grace. His forty ways the Bible encourages us to pursue holiness is gold. So is his treatment of godly grief. DeYoung attaches a biblical meaning to “be who you are,” articulating what Christians once knew: it is truly possible, by our Lord’s gracious empowerment, to please Him and hear Him say “Well done.” We really can live righteously, in keeping with our identity in Christ. In an age when the Creator is being repackaged as a single attribute God—all  love and no holiness—this convicting yet hopeful book persuasively  reorients us  to an ancient calling: “Be holy, for I, the LORD your God, am holy.” Kevin DeYoung is one of my favorite writers, and this book demonstrates why. I repeatedly said “Yes!” as I turned these pages. I’m convinced that Christ-followers desperately need to read, discuss and live out the timely God-exalting message of The Hole in our Holiness!

Holy Is The Day

Holy Is the Day
by Carolyn Weber

Carolyn Weber lives gracefully and writes elegantly. Her poetic eyes search beneath the surface, unearthing delightful insights missed by those in a hurry. Holy is the Day is a call to see God and latch onto Him, so He takes us through the day as He envisions it. This is a beautiful book that spoke to my heart and changed my day. 

Holy SexualityHoly Sexuality and the Gospel: Sex, Desire, and Relationships Shaped by God's Grand Story
by Christopher Yuan

I read a lot of books, and Holy Sexuality and the Gospel is on the shortlist of most important books I’ve read in the past decade. There’s a desperate need for a biblically astute and theologically grounded yet warm and personal approach to human identity and how it does and doesn’t relate to gender and sexuality. This is that book. Holy Sexuality and the Gospel is profoundly relevant in an age of toxic confusion. It should be read by every person questioning their sexual identity as well as by every pastor, parent, friend, or sibling."

If I Had Two LivesIf I Had Two Lives: The Extraordinary Life and Faith of Costas Macris
by Dan Vorm

My wife Nanci and I met Costas Macris in Greece in 1988, while I was a pastor visiting missionary friends from our church, Dan & Kerry Vorm. When Dan introduced me to Costas, I imagined I was prepared to meet this man whose visionary exploits in Indonesia I'd read about. After spending a few days around Costas I realized he was truly one of a kind. His energy, enthusiasm, and vision were contagious and compelling, at times entertaining, often breathtaking, and occasionally overwhelming. God raises up all kinds of people to accomplish His purposes, but on rare occasions you meet someone utterly unique, larger than life. Costas Macris as one of those. My old friend Dan Vorm skillfully tells the amazing story of this extraordinary servant of God.

Images and Idols

Images and Idols: Creativity for the Christian Life
by Thomas J. Terry & J. Ryan Lister

When I’ve spent time with Thomas and Ryan, I’ve seen in their lives creativity grounded in and flowing out of solid theology. It’s rare and refreshing to see young (compared to me) brothers who are sold out to Jesus, full of grace and truth, steeped in God’s Word and committed to the local church. I can’t think of two better guys to write this insightful book on one of the most vital subjects of our day. For decades young creatives have been leaving churches. I’m thrilled to see some of them trickling back. May this remarkable book help that trickle become a flood! And may God use it move pastors and churches to embrace, mentor, learn from and cultivate creatives, empowering them to serve. 

In Pursuit of CS Lewis

In Pursuit of C. S. Lewis
by Ed Brown

Knowing Ed Brown as a friend and C. S. Lewis collector didn’t prepare me for how much I would enjoy these inside stories. Ed’s search for Lewis first editions hasn’t merely turned up books, but missing pieces in Lewis’s life, including relationships and events that are pleasant, surprising and enlightening. I thought I’d read nearly everything about Lewis, but this fascinating account kept me up way past midnight. Just when I wondered if it could be done, Ed Brown has brought us something about C. S. Lewis that is truly fresh, unique and engaging.

Investing With IntegrityInvesting With Integrity
By Loran Graham

I believe in Biblically Responsible Investing (BRI). If my money is really God’s money, and if God is good and holy, shouldn’t I invest his money in companies that offer others a good service or product? Shouldn’t I avoid investing in businesses that take advantage of human weaknesses by tempting people to sin, self-destruction and disintegration of the family? In Investing with Integrity, Loran Graham has put together a clear, engaging and persuasive case for BRI. I encourage you to look at it carefully and to ask God what he wants you to do with his money He has entrusted to your care.

The Invisible GirlsThe Invisible Girls
by Sara Thebarge

I love Sarah Thebarge. And I love The Invisible Girls. I found this book honest, enlightening, heart-touching and, at just the right times, funny. Sarah’s expertly-crafted sentences sing and sometimes sting, flowing smoothly, then suddenly jumping off the page. The interweaving of her story with that of a Somali mother and daughters is masterful. This isn’t the American dream. It’s a vibrant and authentic story of loss, disenchantment, discovery, and a reawakening of faith and hope.

The Invitation

The Invitation
by Ron DiCianni

With simple elegance Ron DiCianni conveys the greatest offer ever made. Ron’s art and words—extensions of his life—powerfully capture the King’s startling invitation to come join him at his palace grounds for the celebration that will never end.

Jesus RevolutionJesus Revolution
by Greg Laurie and Ellen Vaughn

Rarely have I read a book so entertaining, informative and spiritually significant as Jesus Revolution. I relived many formative historical events of the 60s and 70s and learned new and fascinating things about the Jesus movement. I can’t think of anyone better than Greg Laurie to be a central character and voice, nor better than Ellen Vaughn to skillfully craft this fascinating story of a powerful movement of the Holy Spirit. I loved it, and pray God would do such radical works of grace in our midst today!

Joni and KenJoni and Ken: An Untold Love Story
by Ken Tada, Joni Eareckson Tada, Larry Libby

Joni and Ken is an engaging, eye-opening and heart-touching love story that cried out to be told. It’s rendered with Christ-honoring power, beauty and insight. Nanci and I love Joni and Ken. We’ll never forget an evening we spent in their home. I knew Joni better than Ken, and one of the highlights that night was really getting to know him, seeing his character, quick wit and laughter, and watching him enjoy his wife. I love everything I’ve read by Joni, but this book is unique, containing much that was new to me. Larry Libby has helped Ken and Joni tell two stories, masterfully weaving them into one. The movements back and forth in time and space are seamless, unfolding the story with great skill and resonance. This book is honest, penetrating, at times riveting, and ultimately transcendent. I’m happy to give it a most enthusiastic recommendation!

Joy GivingJoy Giving: Practical Wisdom from the First Christians and the Global Church
by Cameron Doolittle

I first met Cameron Doolittle over 25 years ago when he attended school with my daughters. I love Cameron and I love Generosity Path, the international ministry to givers that he leads. I also love this book. It’s biblical, Christ-honoring, gospel-centered and is full of great transformational giving stories from around the globe. It’s a pleasure to recommend both Generosity Path and this outstanding book.

Kingdom Gains

Kingdom Gains
by Dwight Short

Kingdom Gains raises important issues that Christians should address. God cannot be pleased when we invest his money into companies whose products and services dishonor him and hurt others. It’s time to take seriously what it means to be biblically responsible investors. I am grateful that Dwight Short has done his homework and offered us much-needed wisdom.

The Kingdom of God and the Glory of the CrossThe Kingdom of God and the Glory of the Cross
by Patrick Schreiner

In The Kingdom of God and the Glory of the Cross, Patrick Schreiner beautifully traces the theme of God’s kingdom through the entire Bible. The threads of His Kingdom can be seen from Adam to Abraham, through Psalms and Isaiah, to Jesus and His church, and finally to the New Heavens and New Earth where Christ will reign with His people in His place. Patrick skillfully shows us the inseparability of God’s Kingdom, the cross of Jesus and the gospel message. I highly recommend this interesting and encouraging book!

Kingstone Bible TrilogyThe Kingstone Bible Trilogy
by Kingstone Media

The Kingstone Bible is a monumental production that depicts Gods unfolding drama of redemption in the distinctively creative art form of graphic novels. These volumes tell the biblical stories in a beautiful and powerful way, and in greater detail than any previous works of this kind. 

The Kingstone Bible is remarkable in its faithfulness to God's Word and stunning in its artistic quality. Having written one part of it, I can testify to the extreme care and attention to detail--by writers, editors, artists and the publisher--that have gone into this historic work. The art and the words together tell the biblical story with a unique and memorable flair. While those who love graphic novels will especially welcome it, others of all ages and tastes can also greatly benefit from it.

Light On the FringeLight on the Fringe: Finding Hope in the Darkness of Depression
by Gary Lovejoy and Greg Knopf

My friends Gary Lovejoy and Greg Knopf have written a fresh and insightful book on a vitally important subject. They view depression as an alarm system that alerts us to issues we should address as interdependent people who need God and each other. Having finished Light on the Fringe, I am left appreciating their handling of true and false guilt, the need for authenticity, how depression has been stereotyped, and their thoughtful depiction of biblical characters who faced depression. I found this book warm, helpful, biblically solid, and full of hope.


by Rene Gutteridge

From its captivating prologue to its powerful ending, my friend Rene Gutteridge has written an engaging and memorable story. In addition, Listen concerns a theme of immeasurable importance to us all. Don’t miss it!

Lists to Live By For Smart Living

Lists to Live By For Smart Living
Compiled by Alice Gray, Dr. Steve Stephens, & John Van Diest

This book offers concise, perspective—giving and soul-feeding insights. In a format that makes for quick reading, it takes us to God’s Word, which has a power to change us that no other words have.

Lit! A Christian Guide To Reading BooksLit!: A Christian Guide to Reading Books
by Tony Reinke

I read many books, but seldom do I enjoy one more than I did Tony Reinke's A Christian Guide to Reading Books. Many of my greatest childhood adventures, and much of my growth after I was converted as a teenager, came through reading imagination-expanding and life-changing books. Tony's writing is thoughtful, perceptive, concise, and God-honoring. He honors biblical authority, and offers helpful guidance, while allowing for a variety of tastes. A Christian Guide to Reading Books rings true to my own lifetime of reading experience. As a reader and writer of both nonfiction and fiction, I appreciate the breadth of Tony's treatment, which includes a variety of genres. For book lovers, this is a treasure and delight. For those who aren't book lovers, it makes a great case for becoming one.

Live Like A Narnian

Live Like A Narnian: Christian Discipleship in Lewis's Chronicles
by Joe Rigney

As a long-time lover of C. S. Lewis and the world of Narnia, I have read countless books about both. Joe Rigney’s Live Like a Narnian is one of the best. It overflows with an authentic sense of Narnian brightness, wisdom and wonder. Rigney seems equally at home with Lewis’s fiction and nonfiction. He draws them together beautifully, with truth and imagination. I highly recommend this delightful book!

Lose Your CoolLose Your Cool: Discovering a Passion That Changes You and the World
by Zach Hunter

I love Zach Hunter’s heart, and I love Lose Your Cool. Couldn’t put it down. Too often we either lack passion or get passionate about what doesn’t matter. Zach’s outstanding book is about people with passion that matters, passion for Jesus that shows itself in helping those who need it most. May God use Lose Your Cool to touch young and old alike and radicalize our lives. May following Jesus no longer be a buzzword, but an adventurous life of joyful dependence on the God whose heart was broken and whose hands were forever scarred by His love for us and for this desperate world. 

The Lost Virtue of Happiness

The Lost Virtue of Happiness: Discovering the Disciplines of the Good Life  
by J. P. Moreland and Klaus Issler

J. P. Moreland and Klaus Issler’s The Lost Virtue of Happiness is a rare book. It manages to be biblical, deep, understandable, engaging and practical all at the same time. As few books are, this one is worth contemplating, discussing and putting into practice. I highly recommend it for personal and group study.

Master  Your Money

Master Your Money: A Step-by-Step Plan for Gaining and Enjoying Financial Freedom
by Ronald Blue

I know Ron Blue to be a man who loves Jesus and desires to serve people. Ron’s wise, and he has a heart for what stirs God’s heart. Readers will find much to learn and benefit from in Master Your Money.

Mindset ChoicesMindset Choices: With Vision from Scripture
by Linda Weber

In Mindset Choices, Linda Weber speaks persuasively, drawing from biblical knowledge and common sense, both of which are increasingly uncommon. This book is full of Scripture, which God says ‘will not return to me empty, but will accomplish what I desire and achieve the purpose for which I sent it.’ The biblical passages and the wise principles derived from them have life-changing potential.

My Life As A  Middle-School MomMy Life as a Middle-School Mom
by Angela Elwell Hunt

Angie Hunt offers a refreshing collection of concise biblical guidelines, helpful hints, and personal encouragement for parents desiring to safely usher their children through the tween years. With children now in college, I found myself nodding my head in agreement again and again. Angie approaches parenting with a perfect blend of seriousness and lightheartedness. Sometimes we—and our children—need more of each. Jump into this fast-paced book—you’ll enjoy it. 

Never Settle for NormalNever Settle for Normal: The Proven Path to Significance and Happiness
by Jonathan Parnell

Jonathan Parnell has written an engaging book about our relentless quest for satisfaction that takes us down thousands of cul-de-sacs and dead end streets—until we follow Jesus. It’s refreshing to read about God as a happy, loving Father in a book that doesn’t minimize his wrath against sin. Never Settle for Normal shows sin for what it is and does, exalts Christ, and powerfully portrays his violent rescue of his people.

More Than A HealerMore Than A Healer
by Costi Hinn

My friend Costi Hinn has written another vitally important book. He sets our eyes not on what we want Jesus to do for us, but on who Jesus really is. As someone who has prayed daily for nearly four years that God would take away my beloved wife’s cancer, I can tell you that regardless of what God chooses to do, He has been absolutely faithful to us. My wife, who goes deep in God’s Word daily, says, “I wouldn’t trade for anything what God has taught me about Himself through this cancer.” The ultimate healing is in the resurrection and it awaits all of us who know Him. May our hearts overflow with gratitude when He chooses to heal here and now, but may our ultimate hope rest in the blood-bought eternal healing that is His absolute promise. Costi Hinn knows this to be true, and is a voice of God speaking hope-giving truth in a world of lies, not only outside the church but sometimes inside.

No More Faking Fine: Ending the PretendingNo More Faking Fineby Esther Fleece

Esther Fleece has written a powerful story that encourages us to be honest to God and to each other. Life isn’t easy in a world under the Curse, nor does God intend it to be. The poison of prosperity theology has set up countless Christians for disillusionment because they’ve been told they’re supposed to always be healthy, wealthy, successful, popular and “just fine.” As Esther demonstrates, we need the authenticity of David and the prophets and Paul and above all Jesus, recognizing that God will be with us when our hearts are broken. He can infuse us with joy even when we are suffering, so like Paul we can be “sorrowful, yet always rejoicing.” One day God’s children will “live happily ever after.” Until that day comes, when we will experience the ultimate fullness of Christ’s redemptive work, let’s give ourselves and each other permission to grieve and feel pain, loss and discouragement. In other words, let’s quit faking fine so that we can gladly embrace together the comfort of Jesus. 

Not By SightNot By Sight: A Fresh Look at Old Stories of Walking by Faith
by Jon Bloom

Jon Bloom is a Christ-centered, God-worshipping, kingdom-oriented guy. And since not all writers are, those are good reasons to read this book! But it’s more than that. Jon is a gifted writer of something we need more of—truthful nonfiction full of imagination. For years I have read Jon’s Desiring God blogs, and pondered them, saving some of them to quote from in future books. I love how John repeatedly takes me back to Scripture. God says his words won’t return to us empty. He never says that about my words, yours or Jon’s. That’s why Not By Sight will endure beyond this world—it is infused with the dynamic eternal Word of God that will never die.

The Novelist

The Novelist
by Angela Hunt

Angie Hunt has done it again. The Novelist is unique. Innovative. Touching. Thought-provoking. Behold characters breathed into life by The Novelist...and gain a rich perspective on your own story.

No Wonder They Call Him the  SaviorNo Wonder They Call Him the Savior
by Max Lucado

In 1986 my publisher sent me a prelease copy of Max Lucado’s No Wonder They Call Him the Savior. The book took my breath away. Christ-centered, Bible-affirming, warm, practical and beautifully written—what more could a reader ask for? God touched my heart through that book and I knew it was something very special. In the decades since, tens of millions have discovered Max Lucado, and God has used his books to touch deeply people of many tribes, nations and languages. I celebrate Max’s 25 years of published writing. Nanci and I have seen firsthand that Max and Denalyn are the real deal. We are struck by their faithfulness, humility, servant-heartedness, integrity and love for Jesus and others. I am pleased to recommend—wholeheartedly and enthusiastically—both Max Lucado and his books! 

The Official Chuck Norris Fact Book

The Official Chuck Norris Fact Book: 101 Amazing Facts About One of the World's Greatest Action Heroes!
by Chuck Norris

Chuck Norris is a close friend who I love like a brother (and who once put a choke hold on me at my request, which I immediately regretted). I was delighted to find that The Official Chuck Norris Fact Book includes many of the great stories Chuck has told me that I wished others could hear. This book is fun, encouraging and inspirational. I thoroughly enjoyed it. So will you!

Oh The Treasures You'll KnowOh, The Treasures You'll Know! (A Dr. Seuss Parody)
by Dan Olson

Oh, the Treasures You’ll Know is a witty, wonderful and beautifully illustrated book about following God’s narrow path and storing up treasures in Heaven that will never be lost. I’m glad to recommend this delightful book.

Once Upon A  Tree

Once Upon A Tree

by Calvin Miller

Calvin Miller baptized my imagination when, as a young Christian, I read his Singer trilogy. Once Upon a Tree is poetic craftsmanship infused with grace. Miller opens the window. Breathe deeply. He shines the light on Jesus. Open wide your eyes.

The Peacemaker Student Edition

The Peacemaker, Student edition
by Ken Sande and Kevin Johnson

The Peacemaker Student Edition is engaging, concise, practical, and biblically on-target. Ken Sande and Kevin Johnson have done a marvelous job with this book. It has life-changing and freedom-giving potential for young and old alike. I highly recommend it, as I do Peacemaker Ministries.

Poor Mrs.  Rigsby

Poor Mrs. Rigsby
by Kathy Herman

Kathy Herman has done it again. Poor Mrs. Rigsby is a well written novel, with a unique and compelling storylinee that keeps you guessing. With honesty and realism, the story powerfully illustrates the words of Jesus, “You cannot serve both God and money.”

The Power of One-on-One

The Power of One-on-One: Discovering the Joy and Satisfaction of Mentoring Others
by Jim Stump

Since this is an afterword, you may have just finished reading Jim’s book. Or you may have turned here first. If so, I enthusiastically encourage you to go back and read the book. I guarantee The Power of One-on-One is worth it! Jim Stump is the real deal. I love who he is and what he does.
[Read the full endorsement on Randy's blog at]

The Power of Words and the Wonder of God

The Power of Words and the Wonder of God
by John Piper and Justin Taylor

Given the contributors, I expected this book to be good, but it exceeds expectations. There’s no weak link.  Every chapter, including the introduction, brings a unique and vital perspective to a critical subject. It’s impossible to overstate the power and eternal impact of our spoken and written words, for good or evil. With stylistic diversity but thematic unity, these men bring a rich, biblical, Christ-centered, interesting and immensely helpful perspective.  I wholeheartedly recommend The Power of Words and the Wonder of God.

The Promise Remains

The Promise Remains
by Travis Thrasher

The Promise Remains is a heart-tugging tale of the longing, struggles, and commitment of young love. Ultimately, it’s also a story of the gracious providence of God. I welcome this enjoyable first novel by Travis Thrasher and am delighted to recommend it.

Rescuing Ambition

Rescuing Ambition
by Dave Harvey

Dave Harvey thinks well, writes well, tells good stories and cites people of substance and insight. I have long appreciated Dave’s integrity, wisdom and perspective. Were I not afraid of feeding his ambition for greatness, or my ambition to write a memorable endorsement, I would add that Rescuing Ambition is biblical, honest, witty and sometimes amusing. I’m happy to recommend this fine book on an important and overlooked subject.

The Rest of God

The Rest of God: Restoring Your Soul by Restoring Sabbath
by Mark Buchanan

A craftsman skilled with words, Mark Buchanan has written a penetrating book with an easy contemplative tone. This is enjoyable reading about something precious most of us have lost, and some of us have never known. I needed to sit back, relax and savor this heart-moving thought-provoking book. I suspect you do too.

Rethink Your SelfRethink Your Self: The Power of Looking Up Before Looking In
by Trevin Wax

Trevin Wax is an insightful thinker and skilled writer. In Rethink Yourself he shows that following our own dreams and desires won’t work, we must look to God to learn who we are and are meant to be. Nothing less can bring us purpose and delight. 

Revolution in Generosity

Revolution in Generosity: Transforming Stewards to Be Rich Toward God
by Wes Willmer

Our approach to money and possessions isn’t just important—it’s central to our spiritual lives. Our giving is a reflexive response to the grace of God in our lives. It comes out of the transforming work of Christ in us. I pray that this book will lead you to a greater understanding and appreciation of this truth.

Rich In Every WayRich In Every Way: Everything God Says About Money And Possessions
by Dr. Gene Getz

Years after I wrote Money, Possessions & Eternity, Gene Getz sent me the original version of his biblical theology of money. Reading it cover to cover, I felt a close kinship with the author, realizing we had independently come to many of the same conclusions. When I revised my book in 2002 I included a number of citations from Dr. Getz. I’m thrilled to learn he’s now revised his own work. His biblical research is thoughtful, insightful and provocative. He deals with Scripture itself, which has a power no man’s words can equal. A veteran pastor and teacher with integrity and a vision for churches and leaders, Dr. Getz unearths from the Bible challenging perspectives vitally needed by today’s church. Students of God’s Word will welcome Dr. Getz’s careful and Christ-honoring work on this critical subject.

Rich WoundsRich Wounds
by David Mathis

There’s nothing I find more meaningful or satisfying to contemplate than Jesus himself. In Rich Wounds, David Mathis was written a warm, concise and celebratory treatment of the Jesus who is everything we need, and—may  God use this book to help us realize—everything we want. 


by Jerry Jenkins

Jerry Jenkins writes from his heart a unique and engaging story. Riven is touching and unforgettable.

Saving Grayson, Chris FabrySaving Grayson
by Chris Fabry

Chris Fabry is one of my favorite novelists (and people). What makes a great story isn't just the plot, it's the characters who linger with you, like real people you know, or wish you knew or are glad you don't. Two weeks after finishing Saving Grayson I'm still thinking about the characters. Chris tells an engaging and important story with a powerful ending. I'm delighted to recommend this book!

Seasons of SorrowSeasons of Sorrow
by Tim Challies

I always love reading Tim Challies. But Seasons of Sorrow cut straight to my soul. I read it within a few weeks of the unexpected deaths of two close friends, and while my wife is struggling bravely with stage 4 cancer. My closest friend other than my wife lost his thirty-year-old son two years ago, and I’ve had a front row seat to his ongoing grief. I was already numb with grief before reading this book, but out of his heartfelt pain and Christ-centered perspective Tim spoke to both my heart and my head. He writes about the devastating grief from his son Nick’s death with honesty, authenticity, and depth. There is no pretense here, no airbrushing death or minimizing suffering as though they’re not part of the Curse. Yet is a hopeful book that embraces the blood-bought promises of God that one day he will reverse the Curse and swallow up death forever. I highly recommend Seasons of Suffering to anyone, or the friend of anyone, who has experienced heart-crushing loss.

The Second  Thief

The Second Thief
by Travis Thrasher

Travis Thrasher’s thought-provoking story will cause you to take a fresh look at the second chances we get every day. The Second Thief is well-written, moving, and full of perspective.

Secrets From the Treadmill

Secrets from the Treadmill: Discover God’s Rest in the Busyness of Life
by Pete Briscoe & Patty Hickman

Reading Secrets from the Treadmill did for me what the book encourages—it made me relax and reflect. I learned years ago that I have to say no to the great majority of things I’m asked to do, so I’m available to say yes to those few God wants me to do. But I need to relearn that lesson periodically, and Pete Briscoe and Patty Hickman helped me do that. Jesus calls upon us to carry our crosses, yet paradoxically promises a light burden and rest for our souls. If the burden’s usually heavy and our souls aren’t at rest...we’re missing something. This book will help you find what you’re missing.

Seeking Him

Seeking Him: Experiencing the Joy of Personal Revival
by Nancy Leigh DeMoss & Tim Grissom

Nancy Leigh DeMoss and Tim Grissom have produced a magnificent interactive study for those who want to go deeper with God, and experience Christ’s grace and empowerment in every area of their lives. Seeking Him will help you examine yourself in light of Scripture. It will take you to God’s throne, where you’ll realize He alone can meet your deepest needs, and He alone is worthy of your worship. I highly recommend this work.

Set FreeSet Free
by Roy Peterson

This book chronicles my friend Roy Peterson’s personal journey of discovery that there are nearly 7,000 languages spoken on the planet and God speaks every one of them! Roy’s engaging story shows how God delights in using ordinary broken people for His Kingdom purposes. I loved reading how he knew God was at work in him when an upcoming missions conference was more exciting to him than making a $5 million business deal. Fresh vision and new directions have developed in the entire Bible translation movement because of Roy’s passion for God’s Word and lost people. I love Roy Peterson and the ministries he has served. Let this book sweep you along and make you part of one of the greatest joy-filled movements in all human history….getting God’s Word into the heart language of every people group!

Sex and Money

Sex and Money: Pleasures That Leave You Empty and Grace That Satisfies
by Paul Tripp

I’ve come to count on Paul Tripp’s books to be biblical, Christ-centered, deep, engaging, and well-written. Sex and Money is no exception. Its insights into our cultural idolatries and God’s transforming grace are priceless.

Sex and the Supremacy of Christ

Sex and the Supremacy of Christ
by John Piper & Justin Taylor (Editors)

Sex is a wonderful gift from God; but it makes a terrible idol, brutal and unyielding in the misery it inflicts. These authors are a breath of fresh air, because unlike our culture’s self-proclaimed sexperts, they respect biblical authority and warmly embrace the Lordship of Christ. Hence, they can lift up the torch of divine truth and expose the enemy’s lies about sex that have penetrated not only the darkest corners of our culture, but of our churches. I pray Sex and the Supremacy of Christ will demonstrate to readers that Christ being Lord of all means that He must be Lord of all we think, say and do about sex...and that in His lordship we will find deliverance and joy.

Sharing the Bread of Life

Sharing the Bread of Life
by Wentworth Pike

We have been entrusted with a message of incalculable value. Since it’s the most worthy message in the universe and we—inadequate though we be—are the chosen message-bearers, we should eagerly learn to convey it more effectively. Wentworth Pike has written an interesting and highly practical guide to communicating God’s truth. Sharing the Bread of Life is simple, well-written, helpful and Christ-honoring. I am glad to recommend it.

The  Shepherd's Voice

The Shepherd’s Voice
by Robin Lee Hatcher

In The Shepherd’s Voice, Robin Lee Hatcher entertains us with interesting characters and a moving story line. Along the way she skillfully leads us into a deeper awareness of God’s providence, guidance and love.

The Slumber of Christianity

Slumber of Christianity: Awakening a Passion for Heaven on Earth
by Ted Dekker

Ted Dekker writes with passion and insight...Listen to his wake-up call. Rise up from slumber...Then feel your heart flutter. Watch your perspective change. You’ll never regret the world you’ll wake up to-not in a billion years.

Something Needs to Change -PlattSomething Needs to Change: A Call to Make Your Life Count in a World of Urgent Need
by David Platt

David Platt and I tend to be at the same conferences and I have often heard him speak. I skip some sessions but not David’s, because I never tire of his heart, his stories, or his sharing of God’s Word. This is a different book for David, but every bit as important as his others. I wholeheartedly recommend Something Needs to Change. God spoke to me through it and that’s the best I can say about any book. 

Spiritual Warfare

Spiritual Warfare: Christians, Demonization & Deliverance 
by Karl I. Payne

My friend Karl Payne has written a thoughtful book based on years of study of the Scriptures and personal experience counseling Christians under demonic influence and attack. You need not agree with all the author’s positions, but if you trust God’s Word then you are compelled to believe that there are powerful demonic spirits at work in the world, and that the goal of Satan, prince of demons, is to distract, deceive and devour us. Spiritual warfare is a reality, and the person most likely to lose the battle is the one least aware of it. I recommend Karl’s book to help you become more aware of our enemies’ strategies, and prepare yourself for spiritual combat. 

Splitting Heirs

Splitting Heirs: Giving Your Money and Things to Your Children Without Ruining Their Lives
by Ron Blue

Inheritance is risky business, often damaging lives, marriages and children. Few of us bring an eternal perspective to leaving money behind or to handling unearned wealth. But God has entrusted us with His assets and we need to consider how best to invest them in eternity. Ron Blue sets our sights high, offering biblical and practical insights on a vital subject. Ron has written some fine books, but none more important or timely than this one.

The Splitting Storm

The Splitting Storm, Storm Series #1
by Rene Gutteridge

Rene Gutteridge is a fine writer who skillfully tells this story, driven by interesting characters and an intriguing plot. The Splitting Storm is a page-turner—it really held my interest.

Stand Up, Stand StrongStand Up, Stand Strong
by Sara Barrett

Stand Up, Stand Strong is an extraordinary book. Sara Barratt clearly understands the appealing but deceptive cultural values that confuse and derail countless believers, who, apart from learning to think critically, will likely abandon their faith. Sara is immersed in a biblical worldview that permeates everything she says. She writes with rare wisdom and insight. Often, I read books that don’t quite live up to what they could have been. This one actually does. I highly recommend it for young people everywhere. Older believers could benefit just as much—this is a terrific book for families, groups and churches to discuss together!

Steal Away Home: Charles Spurgeon & Thomas Johnson — Unlikely Friends On The Passage To FreedomSteal Away Homeby Aaron Ivey & Matt Carter

I’ve long been a great fan of Charles Spurgeon. I wasn’t familiar with Thomas Johnson, and enjoyed reading about his part in the drama. As a fiction writer I appreciated the creative storytelling elements of this account. Matt Carter and Aaron Ivey have done a great job selecting historical realities and weaving them together into a compelling story. I really enjoyed Steal Away Home.

Steve McQueen Salvation of American IconSteve McQueen: The Salvation of an American Icon
by Greg Laurie

My friend Greg Laurie has written a captivating true story of Steve McQueen’s spiritual journey. Greg carefully researched, interviewing McQueen’s wife, friends and many others. He writes in the first-person, intertwining parallels between McQueen’s life and his own. The result is a unique, personal and compelling account that kept me from putting down the book until I read the final words!

Superheroes Cant Save YouSuperheroes Can’t Save You: Epic Examples of Historic Heresies
by Todd Miles

Superheroes Can’t Save You is creative, engaging, funny, and both biblically and historically accurate. Who could ask for more? Todd Miles takes familiar characters (especially for those of us who grew up on comics or watch movies) and skillfully uses them to help us better understand who Jesus is—and isn’t. If we get it wrong about Jesus, in the end it won’t matter much what else we get right. I’m happy to recommend this important and enjoyable book.

Surprised by Oxford: A Memoir

Surprised by Oxford- A Memoir
by Carolyn Weber

Carolyn Weber is a formidable intellect and a sought after college professor, as well as a great wife and mom. But what I love most about her is her heart, which you’ll find on every page of this book. Showing us the world through her eyes, she brings readers along on her journey to Oxford, where the unexpected awaited her. This is a journey worth taking, and as our guide, Carolyn is candid, insightful and charming.  

Taming the Tongue: How the Gospel Transforms Our Talk
by Jeff Robinson

Jeff Robinson offers a compelling treatment of the power of our words to destroy and to heal. If we claim to be his followers, people will judge Jesus by our words and how we speak them. This book contains memorable illustrations, but its greatest strength is its unapologetic appeal to the only words that will last forever: God’s. 

There's A Party In Heaven

There's A Party In Heaven
by Gary and Jan Bowe

There's a Party in Heaven is a delightful little book for children.  It's beautiful, colorful, and overflowing with joy. I love the many passages of Scripture peppered throughout, and the clear presentation of the gospel at the end. My congratulations to Gary and Jan Bower on a job well done. 

Things Not Seen

Things Not Seen: A Fresh Look at Old Stories of Trusting God's Promises
by Jon Bloom

Jon Bloom has an extraordinary gift for mining rare gems hidden in familiar Bible stories and characters. His insights are imaginative, biblical, and practical. Jon prompts readers to see with new eyes, examine their hearts and face life's challenges with renewed perspective and joy. I enthusiastically recommend Things Not Seen!

This Changes EverythingThis Changes Everything: How the Gospel Transforms the Teen Years
by Jaquelle Crowe

Jaquelle Crowe is an outstanding writer, not just “for a teenager,” but for anyone. Writing takes work, as does following Jesus, and in This Changes Everything, the author has done her work well. Reading this book was a pleasure; it’s biblical, challenging and refreshing. Jaquelle’s heart comes across clearly, her theology is strong, and what she says about church is desperately needed. I highly recommend this book both for teenage Christians and their parents.

The Time Is NowThe Time Is Now: Why the Church Must Awaken and Respond...Before It's Too Late
by Ryan Dobbs

Ryan Dobbs writes with an urgency and passion I find refreshing. He’s a young man who recognizes not just America’s woes, but the underlying spiritual darkness and despondency within the church. It’s encouraging to read the words of someone who seeks to honor Christ not by rewriting Scripture, but by submitting to it. Ryan takes sin seriously, and believes in the true Jesus, full of grace and truth, the only Savior who can transform our hearts and deliver people from Hell to Heaven. You don’t have to agree with everything in this book in order to benefit from it. I’m glad to recommend The Time is Now.

Thriving At CollegeThriving At College: Make Great Friends, Keep Your Faith, and Get Ready for the Real World!
by Alex Chediak

Most Christian young people go to college without specific goals, and are unprepared for the challenges that await them. While some prosper spiritually, most get derailed, and an alarming number abandon their faith, probably because they didn’t have their own faith in the first place. Alex Chediak has written an insightful and useful book to help college-bound people know what to expect, how to prepare for it, and what to do to avoid the pitfalls. He offers great insights on everything from friendships to dating relationships to professors. Alex addresses  time and money management, character development, grades, work, rest and the danger of passivity. I enjoyed reading this well-written book, and recommend it wholeheartedly not only to young people but also to their parents and church leaders.

You're Not Alone

You're Not Alone: Healing Through God's Grace After Abortion
by Jennifer O’Neill

My heart was touched by You’re Not Alone. Though I’ve talked with, cried with, and written about women who’ve had abortions, I found Jennifer O’Neill’s story and insights to be fresh and compelling, a lifeline to those longing for hope and release (and those around them who need to understand). This book gently opens a window to what’s usually shrouded in darkness. The light that shines through is the grace of Jesus. Jennifer O’Neill portrays God as a compassionate healer, the divine Father and Husband who offers forgiveness to every woman who has suffered from abortion. I highly recommend this book

Total Abandon

Total Abandon: A Powerful Story of Life Lived in a Radical Devotion to God
by Gary Witherall and Elizabeth Cody Newenhuyse

Total Abandon is penetrating, honest and touching. It captures a passion for following Jesus. Bonnie Witherall’s martyrdom has touched many, but this book is about much more than her death. It’s a powerful story of God calling His people to serve, suffer, trust and find joy and purpose. May the story of Gary and Bonnie Witherall challenge, deepen and rekindle the fire of first love.

The  Travels of Messenger

The Travels of Messenger
by Ron, Grant, & Warren Dicianni

Five inspiring stories woven into one, The Travels of Messenger is really the story of a faithful God who calls and empowers his children. With freshness, simplicity and passion, the DiCiannis familiarize us with heroes of the faith whose footsteps we can follow.

Truth Quest Survival Guide

Truth Quest Survival Guide: The Quest Begins
by Steve Keels & Dan Vorm

Clear without being superficial. Relevant without being lightweight. This study isn’t cutsie relevant, it’s solid relevant. It’s full of straightforward good theology that students can really chew on. My friends Steve Keels and Dan Vorm skillfully communicate God’s life-changing truth in this excellent book. I highly recommend it.

Two  Hearts Praying As One

Two Hearts Praying as One
by Dennis & Barbara Rainey

Dennis and Barbara Rainey’s powerful work with marriages begins with their own. They’ve prayed together daily for many years. Prayer is drawing strength from Almighty God. Every marriage needs this strength, which is why every couple will benefit from this book. I wholeheartedly recommend it. 


by Angela Hunt

In Unspoken you’ll meet my girl Sema, one of the most unforgettable characters I’ve ever encountered. She will touch your heart and expand the horizons of your mind. As for Angie Hunt...well, she’s a stinky nut. To appreciate that complement, you’ll have to read this captivating book!

Unspoken LoveUnspoken Love
by Danielle Shryock

Danielle Shryock has eyes to see her daughter’s disability as a bridge to draw others toward Christ. Unspoken Love points us to Jesus and the sanctity of life, and recognizes God is at work in each and every circumstance in our lives.

Walking Through FireWalking Through Fire: A Memoir of Loss and Redemption
by Vaneetha Rendall Risner

I have endorsed many books over the years, but I don’t recall reading one from start to finish the day it arrived. It held me all the way. I’ve never met Vaneetha, but for years I’ve known and loved her through her writings. In Walking Through Fire you will see her heart, her honesty, her pain, her eternal perspective and her love for Jesus. As I read, my heart ached for Vaneetha’s losses, identified with her hopes, laughed at her sense of humor, rejoiced in our King’s redemption, and longed with her for that blood-bought home where our dreams will forever come true. Beautifully done.

What's In the Bible?What's in the Bible? #1: In the Beginning, DVD
by Phil Vischer

While on a recent family vacation I pulled out an advance DVD of the first episodes of Phil Vischer’s What’s in the Bible. I asked my five year old grandson Matthew if he wanted to watch something by the guy who created Veggie Tales. Of course he did. So we watched it together, and watched it again the next day and the next, bonus features and all, until the day we had to leave. Matthew is now a devoted fan of Buck Denver and the other characters.
I was impressed with the depth of biblical background and commentary on God’s great drama of redemption. Yet it’s so engaging to children and adults (namely me) that it remained fun and entertaining throughout. My grandson retained a great deal of the material, bringing it up days later. What a remarkable combination of entertainment and biblical substance. I envision parents learning God’s Word right alongside their children, leading to spiritually significant conversations, and heightened interest in Bible study, something we desperately need. I applaud Phil Vischer’s efforts, and eagerly look forward to watching more of What’s in the Bible with my grandchildren…and, when they’re not available, maybe by myself!

What's So Great About Christianity?

What's So Great About Christianity
by Dinesh D’Souza

Dinesh D’Souza writes as well as he thinks. What’s So Great about Christianity? is unapologetic about its insistence on truth. Yet it’s winsome, not grouchy, like some of the atheist books, whose authors are so angry at the God they don’t believe in. Dinesh thoughtfully offers clear evidences and grounds for faith that refute the arguments Christians are inundated with in a post-Christian culture. I’m glad to recommend this engaging and strategic book.

What Happens After You DieWhat Happens After You Die: A Biblical Guide to Paradise, Hell, and Life After Death
by Randy Frazee

What Happens After You Die addresses what is arguably life’s most important question. This book is clear, warm, personal, transparent and God-honoring. Randy Frazee writes like he’s the reader’s friend, taking us on a journey of discovery. I encourage you to walk with him. 

When Is It Right To Die

When Is It Right to Die?: A Comforting and Surprising Look at Death and Dying
by Joni Eareckson Tada

I can’t say enough about When Is It Right to Die? Joni is not a professional ethicist pondering the theoretical; she is a wise and devoted Jesus-follower living out the actual, every day for the past fifty years. She has met and listened to thousands of people whose lives are often seen, sometimes even by themselves, as less than meaningful or worthwhile. She shares many of their stories with compassion and empathy. Joni is both a veteran and an expert on every facet of this issue—in fact, she has advised presidents concerning it. She knows the facts and the complexities, and offers no easy answers, but nonetheless  she writes with profound wisdom and eternal perspective. There’s no one I would sooner listen to on this critical question than Joni. Like Jesus Himself, this book overflows with grace and truth. 

When the Hurt Runs Deep

When the Hurt Runs Deep: Healing and Hope for Life's Desperate Moments
by Kay Arthur

Kay Arthur’s When the Hurt Runs Deep: Healing and Hope for Life’s Desperate Moments is a beautiful blend of grace and truth. It’s clear, compassionate, biblically grounded and Christ-centered. As usual, Kay’s words honor and declare God’s Word, which alone can bear the weight of our trust. I’m happy to recommend this outstanding book.

Worship  MattersWorship Matters: Leading Others to Encounter the Greatness of God 
by Bob Kauflin

Bob Kauflin has written an amazingly rich and wise book on worship. It is biblical, Christ-honoring, relevant, practical, enjoyable and everything else I could have asked for. It’s full of tested insights, coming out of the author’s disciplined contemplation and long experience as a leader among worship leaders. I know and respect Bob, and have thoroughly enjoyed following his lead in worshipping our Lord. Bob lives what he writes, so his emphasis on character, integrity and humility has credibility. I enthusiastically recommend this book to all who wish to cultivate in our churches deeper and more Christ-centered worship.

When Sinners Say I Do

When Sinners Say I Do: Discovering the Power of the Gospel for Marriage
by Dave Harvey

My friend Dave Harvey has written a wonderful book. When Sinners Say I Do is honest, refreshing, practical, and above all biblical. These carefully written pages spill over with truth and grace. This book is liberating, Christ-centered and hope-filled, pointing the way to God-empowered marriage. I’m delighted to recommend it.

Winner Take All

Winner Take All
by T. Davis Bunn

Authentic, compelling and skillfully plotted, Winner Take All is a top notch legal drama. Davis Bunn has done it again!

XXV: 25 Leadership Keys For the Generation That Will End Abortion

XXV: 25 Leadership Keys For the Generation That Will End Abortion
by Michael Fichter

Michael Fichter has written a wise and practical guide for young prolifers who want to be abortion abolitionists, accomplishing what we have always been told is impossible. May the God who hates the shedding of innocent blood use this book to inspire and guide the next generation to do what we have not—end the legal killing of children.

Trust God to Write Your StoryYou Can Trust God To Write Your Story: Embracing the Mysteries of Providence
by Robert and Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

This is a unique and charming book, integrating stories of God’s providence from His people and His Word. Nancy and Robert write personally and beautifully, infusing readers with a Christ-centered vision, hope and trust for the future.  

Your God Is Too SafeYour God Is Too Safe
by Mark Buchanan

“C. S. Lewis said ‘Aslan is not a tame lion,’ and Mark Buchanan shows us what that means. The undemanding God-in-the-bottle genie who exists to serve us is a modern heresy. It’s the God of the Bible who calls the shots. We are servants of a fierce King, who is gracious, but never manageable. Your God is too Safe reminds us what it means that Jesus is God—and we’re not! Dangerous faith in our untamed Savior leads us to the joy we crave. The breath of life rises off the pages of this book.


Randy Alcorn (@randyalcorn) is the author of over sixty books and the founder and director of Eternal Perspective Ministries