Readers' Responses to The Purity Principle

The Purity Principle

If you have a heartbeat, you are a guy, you are a girl, you know a guy, you know a girl, then you need to buy this book and read it. There is a helpful chapter for singles. There is a helpful chapter for parents. This book is well worth it. Apply it and read it and you will be even more blessed. —M. L.

My wife and I serve as missionaries in Cameroon, working with teens as Youth Ministry leaders. I read your book, The Purity Principle two years ago. I like it's simplicity and explicitness, and it's very hands-on practical applications. We were recently able to get 30 copies of this book to share with the teens we are discipling here in Cameroon. The lessons from this book have been so transformational for them, that some are now willing to lead workshops on the key lessons they have learned from the book during an upcoming national youth retreat. W.Y.

The Purity Principle is well-written, short, and to the point. It is deeply biblical, and greatly convicting. Even if you think you are passionately pursuing purity this book will challenge you to go a step further. Alcorn speaks boldly and wisely throughout. The strategies in this book are not legalistic tips or merely unhelpful theories, they are real and they are practical. —A.A.

This is the most biblically based explanation of purity that I have read. I am a logical thinker, and I loved the “matter-of-factness” of this book. Truth is truth, and sin in the life of the Christian is a big deal. Alcorn goes straight to the scriptures to explain not only why sexual sin is wrong, but why purity is right. And he backs up what he says, going to what some would claim to be “extreme measures” to remain pure, and to stay away from what could be a temptation in his life.  This gives credit to what he says in his book, and reminds the reader that true freedom is found in Christ. —M.

This is a book every Christian should read, whether you are single, married, or single-again. God expects purity in the lives of His children. In The Purity Principle Randy gives great advice for sowing seeds of purity in our lives that will one day produce a harvest of a God-honoring life. —B.P.

I just finished reading The Purity Principle and it brought me to tears. I have a testimony bloodied by my travels to the slaughter house and in my immaturity I would return to the slaughter house repeatedly. I would play with the matches of lust until it engulfed me like a forest fire lit by my own sin. How amazingly sovereign and gracious is our God that He has delivered me from a pornography addiction, sanctifies me from that life, and is graciously building me up to pursue a godly relationship with a woman. This book has been a great reminder, and a beautiful brick to my head, to the reality of what I need to do as a man who is tempted like all others with lust. It is my earnest prayer that others like me who have felt "how can I be forgiven?" may be blessed in reading this book. Through your ministry God has allowed it to touch, mature, and most of all change my life. —M.C.

This was a great book. In today’s world we are bombarded with non-Christian, non-edifying movies, commercials, TV shows, magazines, etc. etc. and we tend to think that “they are only a little’s ok.” This book makes you realize that, though you may think “well, this (fill in the blank) only has one bad scene/line/picture in won’t affect my way of thinking,” you’re opening yourself up to Satan’s attack when you don’t consciously analyze what you are reading, watching, or listening to. I would highly recommend that every Christian read it. — J. W.

After finishing The Purity Principle, God put it on my heart to do something that Randy suggested in that book in regards to our TV-viewing habits and how they relate to God’s command for us to be pure and flee from sexual immorality. He suggested that we write out Psalm 119:37 and post it near the television set. This has definitely taught me a lot about setting mental boundaries and how they help me to protect my purity. That’s also gotten me praying to God more about my TV-viewing habits. — A. C.

I wanted to let you know how much I have been blessed by your book The Purity Principle. As a youth leader of a thriving church in the UK, I have been challenged to cover this difficult subject with our teenagers for the first time. God has directed your book into my path and it has provided so much inspiration to us that we have ordered a copy to give to every teenager in our church youth group. — D. H 

I do a lot of reading, and this book is second only to the Bible in the way it deals clearly and succinctly with the subject of sexual purity. This title is a good one to keep handy, especially for men, in this day and age of slipping sexual morality. Alcorn addresses biblical sexual conduct (and lack of it) in a frank yet tasteful manner. This book is an excellent investment towards the reader achieving and maintaining sexual purity. It’s definitely a keeper. – D. B.

I loved your book, The Purity Principle. I am preparing to marry a very godly girl and this book gave me some helpful tips on how to stay pure within marriage. I will be using them. Not only that, but it will help me to maintain purity with my future wife while we are in this fragile time. - K. S.

I am almost 12 and my dad is taking me through The Purity Principle. I just wanted to thank you sooooo much for writing that book. It has really helped me with that issue. And now whenever I am tempted I just remember your words which were “impurity is always stupid and purity is always smart.”
    The chapter “Getting Radical” really helped me in seeing that “purity comes only to those who truly want it.” When you say to “stop looking”, and “stop putting yourself in the position to look,” and also when you say “If going to a movie rental store causes you to sin then don’t go” and “If it means you have to lower your head and close your eyes so be it”, well, all those things really helped me. Thank you. - J. P.

Today I finished reading The Purity Principle. This book is absolutely essential for men today. It is a book that I plan to re-read from time to time and as my boys grow older I plan to read it with them. I just got back from an evangelistic trip to the jungle were I saw couple after couple, marriage after marriage, and family after family destroyed because of adultery, pornography, or fornication. It was a real warning to me, “Keep yourself pure!” I keep thinking if only those people could have read your book before they destroyed themselves. Thank you again! - S.M., Missionary

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