Share Christ with Grace and Truth This Halloween

One question that Randy is asked from time to time is, “What do you think about Halloween?” This is a tough question to answer for many Christians, especially for those who are parents of young children. (Click here to read a perspective on Halloween from Randy’s book The Ishbane Conspiracy. John Piper also shares a great video answer to this question.)

For those who have chosen to hand out candy to trick-or-treaters, a good question might be, “How can we share the hope of Christ with those who come to our door?” What a great opportunity to offer the grace and truth that Jesus has given us—and that’s what we hope to encourage you to do. 

Along with candy, you can share tracts with the children who come to your door, such as “How can we know that we’ll go to Heaven?” These tracts have the potential to multiply their reach by being passed on to parents and friends. (Check out Literature Ministries International for other tracts you can give away.)

Randy writes in The Grace and Truth Paradox:

Attempts to “soften” the gospel by minimizing truth keep people from Jesus. Attempts to “toughen” the gospel by minimizing grace keep people from Jesus. It’s not enough for us to offer grace or truth.

We must offer both.

Stephanie Anderson is the communications and graphics specialist at Eternal Perspective Ministries.