Readers' Responses to We Shall See God

The book is simply fantastic! I loved it. I have read many devotional books. Always in the past IWeShallSeeGod would read them quickly from start to finish in order, more like one would read a regular book. With We Shall See God, I read it as a devotional. I would read one or two of the devotional days (not necessarily in order, but according to which title sounded interesting) then I would ponder those thoughts all day long. This book made me want to read more books by Mr. Alcorn. — C.Y.

I gave this book to my dad and he read the whole thing in three days. This summer, at 92, he went home to be with his Lord and Savior. I know he enjoyed this book and read it many times. D.P.

We Shall See God changed my life. Really. Not just my thoughts on Heaven, but my whole outlook on how wonderful my life is going to be when I die. I’m no longer scared of the “eternity” thing. I am looking forward to it. Heaven is going to be awesome! 
     Unfortunately, I cannot think of a time when one of my pastors spoke on what Heaven is going to be like (besides the pearly gates and streets of gold). In this book, Spurgeon and Alcorn open my eyes to all the wonder and glory of Heaven.  I have no fear now that it will be boring or that I won't like it. It will be a place of joy, fun, friendship, beauty and so much more.  — J. D.

Thank you for your very encouraging book We Shall See God. As an elder at a church in South Africa, I find it useful in helping those in our congregation (and further afield) who are frail or elderly, mortally ill, or mourning the loss of a loved one, to look up and see what God has promised. Spurgeon's words are as relevant today as they were then, and your comments are insightful and helpful. R. L., South Africa

This devotional is probably one of the most helpful collections of writings about the topic as I have encountered. I recommend it without reservation. — G. B.

I Just read We Shall See God  and really liked it.  When in missionary school I had to read some book by Spurgeon and didn't like it.  By updating it and only printing the best parts of the sermons, you really made him readable... and likeable. Very good job. I gave it five stars on Amazon! — M. J.

Spurgeon's focus on the Father's delight in creation, and redemption, for the purpose of displaying His love for His Son is SO refreshing! We seldom hear this as the reason for Christ's incarnation and passion. While we benefit eternally from the Father's love for his Son, expressed towards us by grace - "to the praise of the glory of His grace..." we usually only hear that "we're of such worth to God that He sent His Son to die for us." Thank you Randy for your diligent faithfulness in helping us exalt Christ by providing this shepherd's feast. I've already read chunks of your intro, and the first selection from Spurgeon aloud to my family, and then to some friends.  — L. G.

I sure am enjoying We Shall See God.  What a wonderful treasure.— H.K. 

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