Readers' Responses to The Goodness of God

It was really good for me to read The Goodness of God by Randy Alcorn. I don't know if I would have been ready for it a year or so ago when I was in the middle of my battle with grief or not, but I do know it was helpful for me to read it now and reflect on the good that God has brought through tragedy. 
     I can't say that this book answered all my questions, or that everything made perfect sense to me, but there were several light bulb moments for me as I read through it. It also opened the door for some further discussion with my husband.  A.

The key to the whole book is found on page 48, "..Because Jesus willingly entered this world of evil Goodness of Godand suffering and didn't spare himself, but took on the worst of it for my sake and yours, he has earned my trust even for what I can't understand."
     That's really the key for any Christ follower struggling with the question of suffering and if there is any "purpose" behind it. God can be trusted, no matter what happens in life. Period. When a Christian gets to that point, they can handle anything that happens to them or their loved ones, even if they don't and can't understand.
     This is a must read for all Christ followers, and even anyone who simply wants to explore more about what it means to have a loving God there for you all the time no matter what suffering you may go through in life. J. H.

I thought this book was really, really lovely. I will warn you now, it definitely challenges you to change your way of thinking. We are very much in the midst of a culture of ME, and this book try to steer our thoughts into a culture of HIM. It is hard to swallow, that mankind is often at the root of their own suffering, whether it is because of the actions of the one suffering, or because of the actions of the original ones, Adam and Eve, and their decision to sin.
     At the heart of this book is that God loves you, and wants great things for you, but because we have the power of choice, we must suffer the consequences. And while sins are forgiven, their consequences remain; that is a key point that I think many Christians tend to forget.
     While the book is not terribly long, nor are the language and concepts difficult to master, this is a book you want to take your time with. I read it slowly over the course of a couple of weeks, to allow the concepts to really sink in, and to allow me time to process my own reactions to the chapters. I know that many will be as blessed by this book as I was. T. H.

Right now we're uncertain what God has for our future. It can sometimes seem as though God is silent and not doing anything in our lives. My extended family is currently going through some major heartaches. Loved ones around us have lost loved ones. Reading this book is such a blessing and a reminder that although what we see may be dark and ugly, it's all part of a master painting that will completely display God's glory and God's goodness. We just have to wait to see the whole picture. A. S. 

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