I Disagree with Some of Your Theological Positions. Are You Open to Discussing Them?

This is Randy’s reply to a reader who expressed strong disagreement to Randy’s beliefs and theological positions through a series of emails.

No two humans will have an identical theology. I cannot explain all of my convictions without long discussions and turning not to a few select passages here and there, but dozens and dozens and dozens of them. And if I took eight hours to explain what I believe and why, I think you would have as many or more questions about my explanation than about my original statements of faith.

My experience has been that writing long emails back and forth on areas of disagreement is rarely helpful in resolving a theological issue, particularly when both parties have arrived at their positions over a long period of time. A serious Calvinist and a serious Arminian, for example, can rarely make a dent in each other's thinking on a doctrine, while either can influence someone who hasn't given it much thought. It is clear you have given this much thought. I have also. I have had long discussions about this before, but have concluded it is usually poor stewardship of everyone's time. I mean no offense by this. I am as firm in my convictions as you are, and believe God's Word just as you do. You can cite certain passages and say "why don't you believe this" and I can cite others and say "why don't you believe that?"

We both believe all of Scripture, yet believe Scripture is clearer on some points than others. There is a tension here and we have come to terms with it differently. When we sit with our Lord at the banquet table on the New Earth, we will both see with a clarity we do not now have, and will no doubt both be surprised at what we didn't understand here and now. Meanwhile, I wish you God's best.

Randy Alcorn (@randyalcorn) is the author of over sixty books and the founder and director of Eternal Perspective Ministries