President Affirms Same-Sex Marriage: Resources to Help You Respond

Given President Obama’s recent comments in support of gay marriage, we wanted to provide some resources for you to read and consider as you have conversations with others about this topic.

Marriage Protection For The Well-Being of Children
by Jim Daly

Why Is Marriage Important? (video)
by John Piper

Who Needs Marriage?
by Chuck Colson

Expressing Our Concerns about Same Sex Marriage in a Pluralistic Culture
by Randy Alcorn (written in 2008 when California legalized same-sex marriage)

The Blasphemy of Barack Obama
by Joe Carter

The Compassion of Truth: Homosexuality in Biblical Perspective
by Albert Mohler

Religion, Reason, and Same-Sex Marriage
by Matthew J. Franck

Dennis Prager Debates Perez Hilton on Same-Sex Marriage (video)