A Terrific New Bible Study Series for Churches and Groups

One of my favorite bloggers is Justin Taylor, a brother who I know and deeply appreciate. Justin is constantly introducing me to great people, material and developments. If you want to keep up daily with a variety of interesting developments and books and resources in theology and the church, I can’t recommend more highly his blog.

Recently, Justin talked about a new Bible study series from Crossway Publishers. First, listen to this excellent 2.5 minute video in which Dane Ortlund describes this exciting project:

Then, read what Justin has to say about these Bible studies below:

Not Your Mother’s Bible Study Guides

I’m excited about Crossway’s new 12-week Bible study guides—for groups, classes, or individuals—called Knowing the Bible. It tries to bring together gospel-centered biblical theological, sound doctrine, and legitimate application in a faithful and accessible way, under the editorship of J. I. Packer.

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