Readers' Responses to Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Heaven

I love the book I fell in love with it it's something that I couldn't put down down it answers a lot of questions I really have enjoyed reading this book. —R.N. 

My father gifted this book to me at the death of my dear Grandmother. At the time, I didn't read much of the book. My father just unexpectedly passed and I've been struggling a lot more with his death. This book has been what has given me the most peace. I'd definitely recommend for anyone grieving. —V.

Great book answers a few questions I have debated. Love how the remarks are backed up by scriptures. —B.

Thank you for the Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Heaven book. I've always longed for eternity,Everything... About Heaven but everything I was told made it seem so boring and pointless. This book was a GOLD MINE of information. I long for eternity with the Lord even more, of course, but now I know that it will be an exciting and fulfilling existence. —E.K.

This book really opened my eyes to the wonders of heaven, I can hardly wait to get there and knowing my son and other family will be there to greet me is a comfort and a joy!   —G.B. 

Gives the reader a Bible documented picture of our afterlife and answers many, many questions that the author has been asked about Heaven over the years. Your questions are most likely included in this book, too, like “will my pet be in heaven, too?” —Q.M.

My mom went to Heaven last month and this is helping me cope, knowing what she and my dad are experiencing now and what we have to look forward to in the future. This is solidly Scriptural. —E.

This book makes Heaven so much more real to me. Before, it was hard for me to wrap my mind around what Heaven would be like. Now, I am looking forward to being there. No more anxiety but instead, a peace and joy to be with Jesus and my loved ones. —W.W.

This small book is packed with information and Scripture verses! If you want to learn about Heaven, this book will be a good resource to help you study what the Bible says about it. —R.L.

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