Christ-Honoring Graphic Novels, such as Eternity and The Apostle, Can Positively Impact Children and Teenagers… and Older People too!

Librarians and teachers know how important graphic novels can be in engaging young readers and even getting reluctant readers interested in books. —Graphic Novels for Young Readers

I’ve found that graphic novels are the easiest books on the planet to give away to young people. I’ve given away a lot of books and never have I seen eyes light up this way whether I’m handing them to a stranger at the gas pump or a kid in the neighborhood. When they have a gospel-centered message, they become a nonthreatening and easy means to share the gospel and/or reinforce biblical truth with young and old alike.

When I received the first copies of my new graphic novel The Apostle, I gave them to my excited grandsons (one of whom finished it in a day). Then I gave them to two teenage boys I didn’t know at a gas station, and their response was “Wow, this looks great” and “Cool, thanks, man.” As I drove away, they were turning the pages!

A couple of friends on Twitter recently wrote to let me know they were enjoying The Apostle:

I love this picture of Trillia Newbell’s son reading the book:

Our ministry is also donating The Apostle to prisoners and groups that work with young people and those who speak English as a second language. (If you’re aware of a youth group or ministry in the U.S. that could use some complimentary copies for outreach, please send your request to The small number of words and all the pictures make it extremely readable and engaging. It’s like a movie in the form of a book. The graphic novel form is the “heart language” of many young people, but it’s also enjoyed by countless older folks.

I’d encourage you to pick up a copy of Eternity or The Apostle, or one of Kingstone’s other graphic novels, and read it yourself. If you’ve never read a comic or graphic novel, I predict you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how much you like it—and find it Christ-honoring. And I hope it will give you a vision for all the young people in your life you want to reach with the gospel.

Randy Alcorn (@randyalcorn) is the author of over sixty books and the founder and director of Eternal Perspective Ministries