He Was the Only One to Defend the Disabled

My nephew, Tyler, is finishing up his college courses and was taking a biology class to complete some requirements. The topic of testing during pregnancy to see if your baby is healthy came up during class. The question was asked, “Would you abort your child if there was a medical problem?” Tyler was the ONLY one who adamantly said no. He was shocked at the other students’ casual attitude about aborting a baby (they didn't call it a baby) since it would be such a burden to the parents and society. “It couldn't possibly be happy if it was unhealthy or disabled.” “When does it become a human life anyway?”

Of course, Tyler said it's a life at the moment of conception. He went on to ask, “What about the baby's choice?” and “How do you know if the child would be happy or not, and what a joy he/she could be to their family?” They just didn't get it.

At the end he asked, “Why not just wait until the baby is born and then you can decide whether to kill it or not?” They all said, “That would be murder!” He said, “Exactly.”

Here’s a picture of five of Tyler’s seven disabled siblings ready to attend a Phoenix Suns basketball game, all adopted with special needs. Any idea why Tyler responded the way he did? :)

Some of Tyler's siblings

Needless to say, I’m extremely proud of my nephew for standing alone, and for standing up for the unborn, especially the disabled.

Kathy Norquist
Executive Assistant to Randy Alcorn

Kathy Norquist was Randy Alcorn’s Executive Assistant from 1997-2015, then worked in Ministry Development up until September 2018 when she retired.  Kathy remains on the EPM Board of Directors.