Read Through the May 14 #AskAlcorn Twitter Chat

Thanks to those who joined me last week for #AskAlcorn! The EPM staff has put together a recap of the questions and answers. (If Twitter is your thing, I invite you to give me a follow. You can also join me on Facebook, where I regularly post thoughts, Christ-centered quotes, Scriptures, and the occasional pictures of my grandkids and our dog Maggie.)

Ruth Boyd‏ @aggiemom0407
How would you quantify 'few' and 'many' in Matt 7:13-14. i.e., "How narrow is the gate if there is a great 'multitude' in Heaven?

belacious @bellow001
why do believers stand before God to be "judged" if we r guaranteed eternal life in heaven already?

Thomas P Denhart @thomas_denhart
what is the best way we can help our country see Abortion is wrong? And make it illegal? I saw the 180 movie.

Thomas P Denhart @thomas_denhart
Hey What is your view on CPR, on the elderly, or on the sick. Took CPR class, learned a lot, DNR or try to restart?

Neil Horner @neilhchorner
how do we, the church, best help people in continual financial crisis/struggle when they ask for money?

Jaci Greggs @jacigreggs 
what was the most surprising response you've received to a book?

B. Tyler Ellis @BTylerEllis 
When will you write the next installment in the Deadline/Dominion/Deception series? Will it start will a “D” too?

Scott McLean @Scottinthe503
In raising daughters, do you have any tips of what helped to guide them towards the Lord?

Thomas P Denhart @thomas_denhart 
I teach a Sunday school class of teen boys, how can I show them the reality of heaven and hell? And need for Jesus!

Addison Witt @addisonwitt 
What is the one thing you are looking forward to most on the New Earth other than meeting God himself?

Zachary Biesecker @ESVRocks 
what influenced you to write Safely Home? In light of it, is China gov. Still persecuting Christians or not as much?

B. Tyler Ellis @BTylerEllis
: If the New Earth restores God’s original intent before the Fall, why change marriage instead of restoring it too?

Cheryl L. Stansberry @InspiredHome6 
Will you be writing more novels?

jbergland @jbergland 
Please, please, please! I look to see if there an Alcorn new novel when I go to a bkstore.

Todd Conard @TCinNC
What might Hebrews 12:6 look like in practical terms? Haven't heard examples in sermons.

Jeremy West@jeremypaulwest 
What is the hardest job you've had and what did God teach you?

David Qaoud @DavidQaoud 
What is your #1 biggest concern of Christian leaders for the next generation?

Thomas P Denhart @thomas_denhart 
What happens to a Christian after they die in this age? My gma went home apr. 19th, wonder what she's doing now. I miss her.

Eddie Schmidt @eddieschmidt 
- What's your biggest struggle with the Christian faith?

WORSHIP FULLY @worship_fully
Favorite sports team (pro, college, amateur, etc)?  

Is there any chance you could come back to England in the future?

Ruth Boyd @aggiemom0407
What would you tell a child who asks if 'grampa' is in Heaven when (as far as you know) he was not a believer when he passed?

Jessica Schafer @JecaSchafer 
what is your favorite CS Lewis book?

Steven Richards @StevenRichardsM
how can we equip the disciple and reach out to the outsiders in churches, both at the same time?

Noah Lane Kephart @NoahKephart
Outside of your own pastor, who's preaching do you enjoy most/challenges you most?

J. Javier Valdez @JJavierValdez 
If they made a movie about - who wold you want to play Chandler

taylor teel @teeljon
what's the best way to handle a funeral for someone who adamantly denied Christ, yet people want to say he's in a better place?

Nicolás Moreno @NicolasMoreno87
Is there a possibility if you can visit Santiago, Chile?

Randy Alcorn (@randyalcorn) is the author of over sixty books and the founder and director of Eternal Perspective Ministries