Readers' Responses to hand in Hand

God's sovereignty doesn't mean meticulous control of every event that occurs. It does mean that God is free to meticulously control everything if he so chooses. This was one of the most refreshing books on the subject that I've read, and I've read a lot. Alcorn writes with graciousness toward all sides and a deep love of God. –T.F.

hand in hand

This book challenges us to re-examine our views towards the Calvinism/Arminian debate. Randy encourages all of us to respectfully consider what the other side actually believes and not what we assume they believe. One of the best quotes Randy uses is Martin Luther: “Satan doesn’t care if you fall off the left side of the horse or the right side, as long as you fall off.” If we get too extreme in our theology we are probably in error.  –D.S.

Do yourself a favor and get a copy of hand in Hand by @randyalcorn. Amazing book on balancing free will and God's sovereignty, and also very fairly represents Calvinism and Arminianism, as well as exploring Molinism, Open Theism, etc. Just finished and loved it. Get it now! – A.M. (via Twitter)

hand in Hand is a masterpiece. Most of the great ideas in Scripture can't be truly examined with a simple word search. Alcorn does some deep sea diving into the depths of God's Word to bring up answers explaining how tiny, weak humans and an immense Creator relate to each other. He does this with elegant clarity along with great care for the differing perspectives within the body of Christ. If you think you have a pretty good handle on all there is to know about God's sovereignty and human choice break open this book and learn more than a few new things about the greatness of our mighty King. – R.R.

I recently finished reading hand in Hand by @randyalcorn. I really appreciated his gracious words while looking at the interaction between the sovereignty of God and human choice. I recommend it to anyone who wants to learn more about Calvinism and Arminianism. – M.R. (via Twitter)

I have been a follower of Christ for over seven years and I love God and am in love with His word. I am more Arminian in my doctrine and theology. Your book hand in Hand really helped me understand both sides but it had an unexpected effect on me. I fell in love with God in an even deeper way and a greater respect for His word and the followers of Christ who identify more with Calvinism. The beauty of the bride of Christ goes much deeper than just it’s appearance. – D., prisoner

Been reading hand in Hand and loving it. Great eye-opening material concerning views of sovereignty and choice. That being said, thanks for ruining Open Theism for me! – A.M. (via Twitter)

hand in Hand is the book that led me to search for other articles that have been a help and a blessing. I have been struggling with issues of assurance and the balance of the Sovereignty of God and the volition of man for all of my adult life. What Randy had to say (especially the introduction to Molinism), has really helped ease my mind. – R.L.

Thank you for your book hand in Hand. It helped me to see election in a balanced way. – J.N.

I was a pretty good Bible and seminary student, with three earned theological degrees. Yet I learned so much more knowledge from this book on this topic. He brings the reader along with him in his struggle to understand; he gentle pushes and prods without provoking; he is respectful to alternate views--and I respect that! – J.S.

This is no ‘softball’ approach to a difficult question. There is much theological insight for the new Christian as well as the old, and Randy examines the questions fairly. Strong but not doctrinaire.  – J.T.

I've been so blessed by your book hand in Hand. This was a masterful approach to one of the most difficult struggles we face in trying to understand God. My accountability partner and I have been digging into this book (along with many other references we're bringing into the discussion) for several weeks now. – M.H.

If you want a blast for your brain, look no further than hand in Hand. Wrestling with the doctrines of predestination and free-will is mind-blowing to say the least, yet Alcorn handles the topic diplomatically and biblically. Through his visuals, quotes, discussion questions, and Scripture references, he creates a true masterpiece. The effect is a cross between a reference work and a group-study devotional. I would recommend this book to any new believer wondering about the issue, any believer in need of a dose of perspective or understanding, or any unbeliever wondering what Christians believe about God's sovereignty and human choice. – S.L.

hand in Hand is an important book regardless of your theological frame of reference. It is a call to faith grounded in God's Word rather than a theological system. It is also a call to unity between believers. Regardless of your viewpoint, I would strongly recommend this book. – J.K.

Randy Alcorn's book hand in Hand should be required reading in every seminary, Christian college and high school. There are few topics that can become a tool of polarization in the body than God's sovereignty and choice. Randy's treatment of this topic is full of the humility, grace and love of God's absolute truth that we have come to expect from him. – P.P.

Randy's book on election and free will is possibly the best book ever written on the subject. Other authors have defined the difference between Calvinism and Arminianism, but Randy explores both sides fairly and in depth. Anyone who reads this book can understand clearly the difference between the two doctrines and what makes his book special is that Randy explains very simply both sides of the matter and he tells us (essentially) that our salvation is a little bit of both! We have free will, but God is sovereign. Great book. – R.R.

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