Readers' Responses to The Apostle

The Apostle is a very cool and high quality graphic novel, true to the Scriptures and very readable. —P.S.

Whether you know your Bible or not, this is a great way to get a child or young adult to become interested in their The ApostleScriptures. I use to read church comics when I was younger and I was encouraged to pick up my Bible and read the passages. Comics are not a bad thing (my first books were comics. That's what kept me encouraged to read. Also, the way the format of comics is set up, the storylines are in depth). I've bought mine in hopes of inspiring some young adults in my life! —R.R.

I highly recommend The Apostle for readers of all ages. It is firmly anchored in the biblical text, and is a great way to be sure your children want to read ALL of Luke-Acts. Alcorn has skillfully employed what might be called "sacred imagination" to lift the reader beyond a mere reading of the text. But most important of all, The Apostle shows how Paul demonstrated that no matter how great the sinner, the grace of God is greater. Indeed, the chief of sinners was saved; and the story of the work that Paul dedicated his life to, to testify to the gospel of the grace of God, continues today. —H. (Taiwan)

The illustrations in this graphic novel are outstanding. This graphic novel about the Apostle Paul was a pure joy to read and view, Randy Alcorn is a true and faithful witness. —A.P.

I pray that every parent will get this book for their youngsters from 8 to 18. I pray they will give them to their non-English speaking friends. I pray they will share it with their non-believing friends. It is an excellent vehicle to encourage reading, especially reading of scripture, so that understanding the Bible might be made easier for those who have not been exposed to it, or have been hindered by a lack of education or language. Randy Alcorn is a talented story teller...of course he had a great story to work with, and also the leading of the Holy Spirit of God, but his re-telling of the writings by the Apostle Paul, is artful, masterful, and most important of all, Biblical. —R.M.

I’ve loved reading this new graphic novel… it will be the perfect gift for a young friend! —L.T.

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