Heaven Book Discussion and Study Notes

These outlines, by Joseph McRae Mellichamp, of Randy Alcorn’s book Heaven are a helpful tool when reading, teaching, or studying Heaven.  Here is Dr. Mellichamp’s description of how they can best be used:

So what’s the deal with the Discussion and Study Notes? I’ve been teaching stuff for the last fifty years, almost thirty of those in the university. I know the major challenge for teachers is to figure out what the important points in a body of material are so that they can be covered well. So the Discussion and Study Notes serve as a framework for teachers. Suppose you decide to lead a small group or a class through Heaven; as you read through each chapter of Heaven, have a set of the Discussion and Study Notes open and jot down examples, illustrations, and other teaching ideas in the margins as you go. Then, when you are done reading, you’ll be set to present the ideas to your group.

The major challenge for someone who is a student in a small group or class is taking notes of the important things the teacher covers. For students, the Discussion and Study Notes serve as a set of notes which can be annotated as the teacher covers the topics. I recall some years ago running across my notes from the best professor I had in grad school. He was so good, and entertaining, when I opened my old notes, there was virtually nothing in the notebook! I was too busy listening to take notes. We don’t want that to happen. We want students in our small groups and classes to come away with the salient points ready at hand!

We hope you find these outlines a helpful tool. May God bless your study. 

Joseph McRae Mellichamp, Ph.D. is Emeritus Professor of Management Science at the University of Alabama.