A Deeper Trust in Our Good God’s Purposes

I wrote my book If God Is Good with the understanding that for many people, no question looms larger than this central question: If God is good... why all this evil and suffering? If God loves us, how can he justify allowing (or sending) the sometimes overwhelming difficulties we face?

I never presumed that the book would work magic or make anyone’s problems disappear. But my prayer, then and now, is that readers will not only find help for themselves, but also life-changing insights to share with others—believers and unbelievers, family and friends, neighbors and co-workers—in their time of greatest need.

It’s been very encouraging to hear from readers who’ve been drawn to a deeper trust and faith in Christ and His purposes. One reader wrote,

After reading If God Is Good, all I can say is thank you. Thank you for not writing a book full of 'pat answers', or one that 'let's God off the hook'. The book was honest and well balanced. I have suffered from major chronic physical pain since I was a teenager. I have multiple medical issues and cannot even remember the last time I was totally pain free. Although I have not come to the point to be grateful for all my pain, I am learning to trust God and see a purpose for all my pain.

Recently EPM received this note:

I want to thank you for writing If God Is Good. I've been in a wheelchair since 2000. I've read and heard so many things that I was jaded and didn't want to hear any more. I appreciate your diligent use of Scripture. …You restored my hope in God and His goodness, showing me that I still have purpose. I felt like I was set on a shelf and that Heaven was brass. I don't feel that way now.

My response was this: Thank you, brother, for seeking to please our King and for trusting Him for His wisdom in your life. I look forward to running together on God's New Earth in bodies that will allow us to run as never before!

Randy Alcorn (@randyalcorn) is the author of over sixty books and the founder and director of Eternal Perspective Ministries