Readers' Responses to Happiness

I just finished this book last night. I've been a believer for 45 years and a Bible Study teacher for 12, [and] I came away with a much better understanding of God and of Scripture. –D.P.

Happiness cover

My family and I are missionaries in Asia, and while taking time for a spiritual retreat, I came across your book, Happiness. I was very impacted by what you wrote, and it resonated with what I have been learning over the past several years. –E.C.

This book has pointed me to my Savior. I have tears of joy as I write this simply because I now know I can be happy about things that bring emotions in me that I never truly understood before, I wanted to gush over the taste of a meal or a dragonfly’s wing simple because it made me think of Jesus, but those around me would discourage this through their looks and comments. But no longer! I am going to praise my king for all the wonderful joys he has given me each and every day! –K.S., via Facebook

I'm really enjoying reading Happiness... and I thought Heaven was the best book I've ever read. Happiness is running a close tie race! –B.C.

Happiness has opened my eyes and heart to a whole new aspect of God, His happiness and Christians' happiness. I never got the joy vs. happiness concept and now I understand why. Thank you for your love of Christ which is so evident in your books. B.F.

I continue to struggle with wanting to give God ALL and yet being okay with the wealth He's given me. But recently I slowly read through the first section of Happiness, and it has helped beyond words! Now...I'm finally finding life, and my awe of God. It has been heightened daily simply by realizing that He's in all of life, keeping Him primary, and enjoying His creation and gifts rather than feeling like they are separate and a threat. The things I used to push away I can now enjoy, and they lead me to Him more as well!
     I could tell you story upon story from each day how this is transforming my life, thinking, and ultimately my walk with God. God has used you to open the floodgates to knowing Him more!  –C.O.

I really enjoyed reading this book. Frankly, if a book called Happiness wasn't a pleasure to read, wouldn't that be a major problem right there? Also, as you're sitting there holding a thick book with Happiness emblazoned on the cover, you may have somebody come up and ask you what you're reading. Won't it knock their socks off when you tell them? Now that's a way to start a Christ-conversation, with happiness. –F.F.

For many years I felt so bad about not feeling the "joy" that others claimed to have. I just didn't get it. I understood happiness and could relate to that emotionalism. I'm so thankful that you linked the two together in such a Scriptural and spiritual way. Now it makes sense... no more guilty feelings!.–B.C.

In the last 11 years I've been a Christian, I've heard the phrases "God wants us to be holy, not happy" and "God is more concerned with our holiness than our happiness" more times than I can count. Yes, we absolutely need to be holy. However, being saved Christians with the promise of Heaven should make us the happiest people on Earth! No one will want to learn more about Jesus or become a Christian if we look miserable and unhappy all the time. I think this book is an extremely important work that should be read by every Christian. –D.M.

This book has helped me refocus on why I am happy. It’s quite simple for me. He Lives! I serve a risen Savior; He’s in the world today. I know that He is with me whatever man might say. He lives within my heart. None of the success by worldly standards last past the next morning, but God’s plans for us will last thru eternity. Let’s all opt for that one! –D.S.

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