What Is the Difference Between the Happiness Bible Study Kit and the Happiness 101 DVD Class?


Happiness Bible Study Kit

Heaven Leader Kit

Happiness 101 DVD

Happiness 101 DVD


Retail: $89.99
EPM price: $89.99

Retail: $19.99
EPM price: $16.99

Length of Study

6 sessions, each about 10-19 minutes

12 sessions, each about one hour


Informal, Randy speaking in a variety of locations and scenes.
Suitable for individual or group study.

Classroom setting, Randy teaching a seminary class.
Suitable for individual or group study. 

Has Study
Guide book

Yes, the Happiness Bible Study book is a companion to the DVD study. The kit includes one Happiness Bible Study book.

Additional Happiness Bible Study books can be purchased separately.

No, there is not a Study Guide book for Happiness 101.

Discussion Questions for Happiness 101 are available as a free download from our Happiness 101 DVD Class page.

Includes a
Leader’s Guide

Yes, a Leader Guide is included on one of the DVDs in the Kit.


Study follows 
in sequence



Need Happiness 
book to complete study

No. However, the leader will have a copy of the comprehensive Happiness book (included in the kit) for reference.

No. However, the leader should have a copy of the comprehensive Happiness book for reference.

Additional books to enhance your study

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