Readers' Responses to 60 Days of Happiness

60 Days of HappinessYour book Heaven is a long-time favorite, and now I've met a new best friend! Love, love your book 60 Days Of Happiness. truly a gift from our loving Savior. –A.S.

In today’s world, books like these should be talked about often. Sometimes we forget what’s really important, and we need reminding. Sometimes we need encouragement and uplifting from our day to day lives. This is a book that can be reused again and again after sixty days, and I highly recommend it! –C.F.

This is a great book! We were made to be happy! Alcorn redeems happiness for believers without watering it down to the world's standards. This would also be a great gift book…the presentation is lovely! –B.L.

I enjoyed this book, it reminded me about how selfish I can be and when I get out of the way God can work. The author definitely thoroughly explains the happiness and its place and purpose in the Christian life. –M.

I am using this book for daily devotional reading, though it can certainly be read straight through as you would a regular book. Whether you have read the larger Happiness and would like to return to the subject in a devotional format, or whether you haven’t read Happiness but want to learn what God and his people have said about the subject of happiness throughout the centuries, I think you will enjoy and be blessed by this new book. –B.P.

This book is seriously a great way to begin each day or take a few moments out each day to refocus on the wonder of each day and the joy and happiness that can be experienced in everyday life and also help turn the focus back on God. Each passage is a short read, yet each one is still thought-provoking and in-depth on the subject. This book can be tucked into a handbag and taken anywhere! –K.I.