Our Recap of 2016, and Looking Ahead to 2017

2016 proved to be a very challenging year for our wonderful EPM staff, who had to work creatively when our office was closed a few months due to water damage and renovation. An extraordinary number of our staff, actually most of us, also suffered painful personal losses and serious health problems this past year. When we met together last week, we talked about how our praise and gratitude to God can be all the stronger because of the suffering we’ve walked through.

We pray loads will be lightened in the year to come, but wherever there is still pain and adversity, we know God’s grace will abound, and He will be accomplishing His eternal purposes through our staff individually, and through our ministry. I have sensed some of this is spiritual warfare, attacks from the evil one. We desperately need God’s grace and strength.

Jesus said “Apart from me, you can do nothing” (John 15:5). Your prayers for Nanci and me and all of our EPM staff in 2017 would be deeply appreciated. We certainly can’t do this work without Him, and we can’t do it without you either.

Hope you enjoy the highlights from EPM’s past year. Thank you so much for serving as members of Christ’s body to partner with us in this eternity-shaping ministry! —Randy Alcorn

Some of Randy’s Most Read Blog Posts of 2016

Parents: It’s Time to Wake Up About Porn, Sexting and Your Children - “That pornography is ‘harmless’ is a lie from the pit of Hell.”

Should Christians Save for Retirement? – “I’m not saying we can’t use or shouldn’t have a retirement plan. I do. But as God’s children, we need to think differently about them.”

Matt Chandler’s Challenge to Men – “Brothers, let’s not waste our lives and fail our wives and children. Let’s rise to the occasion and man-up, to the glory of Jesus.”

7 Reflections Now That the Election Is Over – “Here are seven perspectives as we seek to think biblically and eternally about not only the upcoming four years, but for the rest of our lives.”

Where Is Heaven, and What Are Some Major Misconceptions About Heaven?  - “I’ve found that it’s a common misconception even among Christians that the present Heaven, where Christians go when we die, is the same place we will live forever.”

Videos of Randy Speaking

Hardwired for Happiness - Randy spoke on happiness at his home church. This is part 1 of a 3 part series. (Related books available from EPM: Happiness, God’s Promise of Happiness)

Treasuring the Light - Randy spoke on the eternal impact of giving at an East West Ministries banquet. (Related books available from EPM: The Treasure Principle, Managing God’s Money)

Just a Few of the Many Ministry Projects We Supported Through Book Royalties in 2016

ACTION Cuba – pastor training

Life International – developing/supporting global prolife ministries

Global Aid Network – emergency medical pallets

John M. Perkins Foundation – summer/school programs for children

World Relief – Southern Africa food crisis

EPM gave $289,195 in book royalties to 58 organizations in 2016 ($7,662,440 lifetime-to-date royalties given).

Donations to EPM’s general fund are what fund our own operating costs and enable Randy and Nanci to continue giving away 100% of the royalties.

What’s Ahead for EPM in 2017?

Books and Resources:Randy’s devotional 60 Days of Happinesswas released this month, and another devotional titled Truth: A Bigger View of God’s Word (Now Out of Print) will be released in May. We also hope to translate many more of our online resources into other languages to grow the worldwide outreach of our website. (We would welcome any donations specifically for this project, which can be given to the “Translation Fund” on our donation page.)

Speaking:Of the nine speaking times scheduled for Randy in 2017, two will involve international trips. For a complete list, see his speaking engagements.

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