Readers' Responses to Truth: A Bigger View of God’s Word

Truth-Bigger View

This is a small book packed with big truth! I read a page every night and there's always a nugget to ponder. I love the cumulative effect of contemplating a specific subject over a period of time and we sure need to know what truth is in this world today!  –R.R.

Truth is a daily jolt of reality for the day! I gave a copy to my Agnostic friend with a challenge to him to read just one page and then ask himself if that is how he views truth. This book makes a great gift, and the daily layout is excellent in it's inclusion of scripture. –C.W.

I have been reading your Truth book as a devotional this year.  I’ve been able to share many entries, scriptures and quotes with people in my family that are going through tough times. It was like speaking through you to our situation. Isn’t God wonderful that way? –K.V.

I strongly recommend this book, which I find hard to stop reading! –B.J.

One of the profundities of Scripture is its characteristic of absoluteness. the Bible is absolutely inerrant, absolutely infallible, absolutely inspires, absolutely relevant, absolutely reliable, and absolutely truthful. Too frequently, people are often more concerned with their own opinion of what the Word says then what the Word is actually saying. The depth and the direction that comes from God’s Word carries an authority that we must note. Therefore, the timing of this book is valuable to the constant defense not just against the secular world, but against professing Christians too. S.G.

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