Thank You, Kathy Norquist, for Your 21 Years at EPM!

Kathy Norquist, who served with our ministry for over two decades, retired from Eternal Perspective Ministries this past September. Many of you who have been touched by EPM over the years have come to know and appreciate Kathy. Wherever I’ve gone and spoken, invariably someone says, “Your assistant Kathy is so great!” And I always told them they are absolutely right.

Kathy and her family are dear friends of Nanci’s and mine, and have been for forty years. She and her husband Ron, who also worked for EPM for some years, were the ones we asked to raise our children if we died. She also worked with me when I was a pastor. At the church and at EPM, she served Jesus with uncommon grace, wisdom, kindness, and patience.

Nanci and I thank God for the decades in which Kathy went above and beyond the call of duty to make our lives easier. Her devotion to Christ, love for people, and loyalty and ministry skills have all been extraordinary. We are so happy for her that she’s been able to retire, and we look forward to seeing what the Lord has for her in this next season of life! —Randy Alcorn

Here are EPM, we are grateful for Kathy’s faithful service to the Lord and will miss her in the office! We hope this Q&A will give you a look into her long relationship with EPM as well as her future plans.

Tell us a little about your history with Randy and EPM.

I first started working for Randy when he was one of the founding pastors at Good Shepherd Community Church. Seven years after he left GSCC to begin Eternal Perspective Ministries, I became his assistant. I was at EPM for the past 21 years, 17 as his assistant and four in a more part-time role in ministry development.

How has working for EPM impacted you personally?

It’s difficult to quantify the impact that Randy and EPM have had on my life and my family. Probably the biggest influence is in the area of giving. I’ve watched Randy and Nanci and their generous giving and seen how God has provided for them over and over again. It’s contagious, and Ron and I have been blessed by growing in the area of giving. It truly is more “happy making” to give than to receive (Acts 20:35).

What is your biggest take away from working with Randy?

What joy it’s been to be part of a ministry where you hear on a regular basis how Randy’s writings and giving have impacted lives for eternity.

It's been a privilege to work for a man who lives out what he writes about. He has been the best combination of friend, employer, counselor, servant, and giver.

What are some things you know from working with Randy that others might not know?

He will put people first before his own comfort. I recall many times when he had a pressing book deadline along with a speaking engagement or appointment and was also not feeling well (sickness is complicated because he’s an insulin-dependent diabetic). Yet if at all possible he would keep his commitment and others would never know how he was really feeling. He’s one of the most loyal people I know.

I remember a time when he was ill yet still delivered a Baskin Robbins ice cream cake to my home for my birthday since my hubby was away for an extended time and wasn’t able to celebrate with me.

He has a great sense of humor and has played many practical jokes on me. You also can never get the last word in when it comes to his sarcastic sense of humor! We’ve been known to go back and forth on emails and I finally give up because he never will! We’ve had a lot of fun over the years bantering back and forth. :)

Now that you’re retired, what are you doing with your time?

Ministry isn’t ending; it’s just being redirected. Ron and I are caregivers for our 19-year-old special-needs grandson as he attends a transitional high school program in our local area. Christian was adopted at a young age by our son and his wife after a tragic auto accident took the lives of his parents and left him with brain damage and other physical and emotional handicaps, even though he’s quite functional. If you’d like to read more of the story you can check out “A Tragedy and a Blessing.” I will also remain on the EPM board, so I plan on staying as connected as I can with this wonderful ministry.

Eventually Ron and I plan to do some traveling around the U.S. and look forward to celebrating 50 years of marriage next August.