Kirsten Watson Responds to the Question, “Does an Unborn Child’s Dependence on a Woman’s Body Make Abortion Permissible?"

Benjamin Watson is a highly respected veteran tight end in the NFL. He retired for a few months then recently came back to the game, signing with the New England Patriots, the team that drafted him in the first round back in 2004. 

Ben and his wife Kirsten are committed followers of Jesus. Nanci and I deeply appreciate both of them. Listen to what Kirsten has to say, as she speaks up for those who cannot speak for themselves (Proverbs 31:8-9):

As Kirsten says, someone’s helplessness or dependency should motivate us to protect her, not to destroy her. Some years ago the attention of our entire nation turned to Baby Jessica, the little girl trapped at the bottom of a deep well. The amount of human resources poured into saving her was vast, but no one doubted whether she was worth it. What touched our hearts more than anything was her helplessness and vulnerability.

When we are thinking accurately, we realize that a helpless person deserves help precisely because she is helpless. It is a sad commentary on society when a child’s helplessness and dependence on another is used as an argument against her right to live.

I encourage you to watch the entire 4-minute video of Kirsten, where she responds to the pro-choice slogan, “My Body, My Choice”:

By the way, Kirsten and Ben hosted the wonderful Football Sunday video this year. Watch the video here. Finally, if you want to watch a wonderful video of the Watson family made my NFL Films in January, see here. The film concludes with Ben’s retirement, but a few months later he came back to pro football for what might—or might not—be his final season. Regardless, the Watsons are all about living their lives and raising their children for God’s glory. 

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