Readers' Responses to Giving is the Good Life

By Multiple Authors January 29, 2020

Giving is the Good LifeGiving Is the Good Life will greatly help all believers to see and joyfully embrace what the good life of generosity is all about. –D.N.

This book is one that takes an in-depth look at real life examples of the ways in which being God's delivery people not only allows us to be on the front-lines of answers to prayer in other's lives, but blesses our socks off in return…I will never look at what I have been entrusted with in the same way. –C.W.

As someone who is upper-middle class by American standards (and thus really rich by global standards), it's good to be reminded about the dangers of pride, entitlement, and self-reliance that can endanger my spiritual journey. The book does this in a clear but gracious way while issuing a higher call to a more purposeful way of living! –J.M.

Ideas will flow out of your heart and pocketbook when you absorb these concepts, but the enrichment for all of us including those who are closest to us will find eternal value when you see real practical generosity put into action. –J.B.