“I Am Now So Excited about Heaven”: Some Encouraging Letters from Readers

In the last six months, perhaps partly because of Nanci’s cancer battle and homegoing, our ministry has heard more from people about the Heaven book than ever before, as well as about several of my other Heaven-related books. Hope you enjoy these letters from readers. They certainly encouraged me!

You opened my eyes and heart to the true Heaven after I read your book Heaven. One evening I sat on my patio after reading a few chapters of your book and decided to get my Bible out and read Revelation. I actually cried because it’s there—Scripture tells us what Heaven is, and I feel so blessed.

It was truly a blessing when I was directed to read Randy’s book on Heaven. When my wife passed in April, I found myself immediately praying to the Lord, how do I talk to her—I know she's in Heaven but do I just turn my face skyward and talk? And I asked, what’s the biblical way to keep in touch with her?

The very next day, as if directed by that small quiet voice that talks to me many times, I found myself digging through her bookstack near her easy chair. There was Heaven, Randy Alcorn's book. I wasn't surprised she was reading it. She had stage 4 cancer, metastatic breast cancer, for the last 6 years. I immediately started reading it and became enthralled by the book. I was very grateful for the book. I took great comfort in it, and it helped me grieve for her before I had any other grief resources. At this point in time she had passed maybe a week earlier; maybe 10 days earlier. Anyway, throughout the reading of the book (read it in two and a half months) I felt the Lord had answered my prayer and was giving me direction on how to view Heaven and how to view her place there and how to communicate with her in Heaven through the Lord Jesus Christ.

As a side note, I’ve been a committed Christian since 2008, attend [a Bible-believing church], and am a member of a small group Bible study that meets regularly. Despite all that, before reading Heaven, I had very little clear information about what Heaven is or what to expect in Heaven.

I am reading Heaven right now. This book is going into my permanent library. It’s making me think about Heaven in new ways. Thank you.

Randy Alcorn’s Heaven book meant so much to both me and my dad. I read it when it first came out after I delivered stillborn twins. I then loaned it to my dad who read it and recommended it to all his aging friends. It made both of us long for our eternal home, and played a huge role in comforting us when other loved ones passed. God truly has His hand on your ministry as it is blessed millions that you don’t even know about.

My dad was a major league baseball pitcher for many years and used baseball as a platform to share his faith with others. I made a little video with him several years ago for his 80th birthday party. I thought you might enjoy seeing it. 

Because Randy, through God's Word, had painted such a beautiful picture of Heaven for us, my dad and I had several incredible conversations about his next step before he left this earth. Those conversations will always be some of my fondest memories. Please thank Randy for the way he allows God to use him to touch so many lives. Thanks for all you do as well. In a world that is increasingly dark, you’re having a profound impact.

I am almost up to page 100 of Deadline, and I have to tell you that, despite reading your theological book on Heaven, I was not particularly moved, but the conversation Finney has with Zyor and Zyor’s telling of what Finney will be experiencing now that he is in Heaven has fired me up. I have realized I need to learn and discover, otherwise I am bored. I am now so excited. Thank you.

My mind and heart go to Heaven often. Twelve years ago, when my mom was dying of cancer, she gave us girls your small little book on Heaven. Then I gave the same book to my dad prior to his passing. Two weeks before he died, our pastor led him to Jesus. Your book on Heaven is a great tool to draw people to Jesus.

Being in God’s word more the last 15 years have definitely changed my life and thoughts about Heaven. A friend introduced me to your book Heaven, and I recommend it to others (I reread many parts I have marked). I love the chapters about animals. We grew up in the city, but God gave us a small farm six years ago. It’s amazing how much Scripture comes alive from working, living, and teaching about Gods creation. Thank you for being faithful and sharing what you’ve learned and what God has revealed to you. It spurs me on have a closer relationship with God and to keep reading.

Your book We Shall See God is what God used to minister to me when God took my son and a year later my husband. God used it to open up my eyes of the joys of Heaven, and that dying for the believer is but going home to the One we were made for and to the place we are made to be.

It has been a comfort to me and my children to listen to Heaven for Kids after my dad, their beloved papa, departed this earth a few months ago. All the questions they were asking me were addressed and supported by Scripture. It’s so hard to continue on here without him. We miss him so much. But there is peace in knowing that he believed in Jesus and in learning more about what the Bible says about Heaven.

Growing up, my vision of Heaven was not a reality my heart accepted enthusiastically. When I read Deadline decades ago, I literally sobbed. It was as if my heart embraced the picture set out before me. I could envision my eternal Home with awe and excitement. I will always be grateful. Randy. I have used your book as a tool to reach out to others.

Randy Alcorn (@randyalcorn) is the author of over sixty books and the founder and director of Eternal Perspective Ministries