Readers' Responses to The Promise of the New Earth

I loved how easy was to read and gave a great perspective of Heaven!!! –N.W.

Our church handed these out for Father’s Day. I have now come back to buy more to pass around to family and friends! Ultimately, heaven can be a little intimidating but this book opened my eyes to God’s promises and brings me excitement for the new heaven and new earth! Highly recommend this easy read to all Christian no matter where you are in your journey! –T.

This isn’t pie-in-the-sky, wishful thinking about the New Heaven and New Earth. Randy Alcorn reminds his readers that we get genuine glimpses through promises God has made in His Word and through the life of Jesus. –E.F.

 I’ve been a believer since March 1988. My journey has been up and down and just a few months ago I unexpectedly lost my wife of 47 years. She was a believer and I am at peace knowing she is in Heaven. However, after her passing, I wanted to know more about what Heaven was like and where I would be joining her someday. This book and Randy’s Q&A summary of his book titled “Heaven” have helped me tremendously. I recommend one or both of these to all believers and non-believers. –G.B.

 Heaven is a place where we can live FOREVER, try to imagine trillions of years! The photography in this book is breathtaking! (Randy even shares a few of his pics in this edition!). I think my best take away, however, is how Randy covers almost ALL of the main questions that most of us have regarding Heaven, and what we might expect there, (all biblically founded), in simple, easy-to-understand teachings. Get this book!! I promise you won't be disappointed. –R.W.