On Generosity and Eternal Rewards: Randy Alcorn on The Finish Line Podcast

Randy spoke with The Finish Line Podcast, and shares his personal journey in generosity and addresses some of the more challenging questions about biblical giving and eternal rewards. 

Financial Finish Line- In this clip Randy shares how he and his family chose to set limits on spending and saying no to some things, in order to be able to give money to help others.

Eternal Rewards- In this clip Randy shares about giving and the Biblical doctrine of eternal rewards in Heaven.

Relationships & Eternal Rewards- In this clip Randy shares how relationships with others that result from our giving are part of our eternal rewards, both now and in Heaven.   

Levels of Eternal Rewards- In this clip Randy shares his thoughts on rewards in Heaven and how there will not be jealousy or despair over different eternal rewards.

Salvation by Faith & Eternal Rewards- In this clip Randy shares how salvation is the gift of God, which we can never earn; and yet God calls on us to do good works in response to His grace.

Giving in Secret vs. Giving Openly- In this clip Randy talks about having the right motives when it comes to others seeing our giving and other good works.

Evaluating Ministries to Give to- In this clip Randy shares some resources to evaluate organizations, and talks about how to find out what a ministry actually does before giving to them.

God Teaching About Generosity Lately- In this clip Randy shares about the challenges of giving without Nanci’s partnership, and how he is seeking to stretch himself in the area of generosity.

The Next Few Years- In this clip Randy shares his excitement about his future writing projects.

Practical Suggestions on Stewardship- In this clip Randy shares his thoughts on finding other people to learn from about giving.

Photo: The Finish Line Podcast

Randy Alcorn (@randyalcorn) is the author of over sixty books and the founder and director of Eternal Perspective Ministries