Middle School Bible Class on Heaven with Randy Alcorn

 Randy Alcorn speaks to a Bible class of middle school students at Good Shepherd School in Boring, Oregon on the subject of Heaven. 

Here is a list of the questions the students asked. Click on the time to watch Randy's answer:

18:01 Is the Present Heaven Like the Eternal Heaven, or Completely Different?

20:33 Will We Have Our Memories from This Life When We Get to Heaven?

24:50 Will We Read the Bible in Heaven?

27:18 Will We Have Resurrected Bodies in the Present Heaven or Just on the New Earth?

29:22 Is the New Earth Going to Be Just Like the Present Earth?

32:17 On the New Earth, What Will Marriage, Family, and Friendships Look Like?

35:25 Is Heaven Different for Everyone or the Same for Everyone?

36:17 Will There Be Animals in Heaven?

40:12 Will We See Our Pets in Heaven?

45:08 Will There Be New Colors in Heaven?

47:33 Will We Be Able to See God Face to Face?

47:58 Did Jesus Go to Heaven When He Was Dead for Three Days?

49:05 Is It Bad to Not Want to Go to Heaven Yet?

50:26 How Does What God Want Us to Think about Heaven Compared to What Satan Wants Us to Think about It?

51:11 What Will Happen When God Comes to Take Us to Heaven?

52:05 Do Those Who Die Now Get to Go to Heaven before Others?

53:12 What Age Will We Be in Heaven? Will We Continue to Age There?

53:49 Why Do People Try to Predict When Jesus Is Coming When Scripture Says His Return “Will Come Like a Thief in the Night”?

54:15 Will We Be Able to Move Freely Between the New Heavens and the New Earth?

55:16 Will It Be Impossible for Us to Sin in Heaven? Will We Still Know What Sin Is and Discuss Stories That Involve Sin?

56:58 Won’t We Get Bored in Heaven with Nothing to Look Forward to?

58:26 Will We Do Things Besides Just Worship God in Heaven? Will We Be Able to Do Crazy Things Like Bungee Jump?

59:34 Could Satan Ever Repent and Turn Back to God, or Is He Banished from Heaven Forever?

59:52 If Angels Sinned in the Past, Can They Still Sin Today?

1:01:06 Do Angels Come to Earth to Test People and Then Return and Report to God?

1:04:04 Do We Know When the New Earth Is Going to Come? Is That When God Comes Back?

1:04:27 In Revelation 5, Why Do They Still Care about Murder and Sin?

1:04:56 If Our Loved Ones Go to Hell, Will We Remember Them in Heaven? Will We Miss Them?

1:05:35 If Someone Dies Before Their Best Friend or Sibling, Would They Miss Them in Heaven?

1:06:29 Will We Engage in Small Talk with God in Heaven, or Will It All Be Deep Spiritual Conversations?

1:07:02 Will We Know Everyone in Heaven?

1:07:35 Why Was Randy Alcorn Sent to Prison?

1:08:07 Do Those in Heaven See Their Loved Ones and Watch over Them?

1:08:37 At What Point Do We Know We Have Eternal Life? Do We Have to Keep Working to Get to Heaven?

1:09:30 What Is the Purpose of the Millennial Kingdom?

1:10:18 Does God Choose If He Wants to Answer Our Prayers or Not?

1:11:06 Will We Know in Heaven If Others Have Sinned Against Us or What They Have Done to Us?

Randy Alcorn (@randyalcorn) is the author of over sixty books and the founder and director of Eternal Perspective Ministries