Why Do People Limit God and Think There Won’t Be Sports, Technology, or Mansions in Heaven?

Question from a Reader:

Why do so many Christians seem to put God in a box? For example, I often hear people say things like, “There won't be sports or technology in Heaven and mansions as well.” I do know there will be mansions and homes in Heaven and the New Earth. What do you guys think? Every time I hear those things that Scripture comes to my mind “nothing is too hard for the Lord.” 

Answer from Doreen Button, EPM staff:

I can’t speak for other believers, but as a fellow human on this sin-cursed planet and hosting a mind that’s been sin-tainted, I can say that putting “God in a box” is a very convenient way to exercise the control we like to pretend we have over our circumstances. We want God to be understandable, and even more importantly, pliable and amenable to our demands and desires.

The God of the Bible is anything but controllable. He has a plan that won’t be thwarted, and in His kindness has provided both an invitation and a Way for us to become part of His plan and most miraculously, in relationship with Him. A love relationship no less!

Part of our job is to let as many people know about Him as possible so they can choose Life too.

As for sports and technology and mansions, here’s a link to an article on Culture, Arts, and Technology on the New Earth that includes what Randy and many other biblical scholars and authors think. (So, we’re not alone in believing the New Earth is going to be AMAZING!)

You are absolutely right: nothing is too hard for the Lord.

Photo: Unsplash

Doreen is part of the Eternal Perspective Ministries staff, and helps Randy with editing and answering reader questions. She is a certified biblical counselor.