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Was the Scene of the Demon-Possessed Buddhist Monk in Safely Home Inspired by a True Story?

Question from a reader:

I recently hosted a book club for Safely Home. Most people really enjoyed it, and it seemed to give everyone a lot of food for thought on Heaven. But the one complaint I heard several times was the part about the Buddhist monk who appears to be demon possessed. People said they felt it was too forced and bizarre. Can you give any insight as to where that scene comes from? Randy, did you know of a particular event like this?

Examples of Spiritual Warfare

At a book signing at Lifeway Christian Bookstore in Beaverton, Randy Alcorn answered a variety of questions. In this clip, he answers the question, "What have been your experiences with spiritual warfare?"

How Should a Christian Respond to Mental Illness?

How should a Christian respond to mental illness? How do you determine if there is demon possession or if it is genuine mental illness, in which case, the person is still acting in sinful ways based upon biological problems. 

Lord Foulgrin's Letters by Randy Alcorn

Lord Foulgrin's Letters are written by a demon to his subordinate Squaltaint. Lord Foulgrin advises Squaltaint how to tempt and deceive Jordan Fletcher, the human "vermin" or "sludgebag" to whom he's assigned.

If I Were the Devil...

I would dull the minds of Christians, and make them believe that prayer is not important, and that faithfulness and obedience are optional.

Endorsements and Book Reviews of Lord Foulgrin's Letters

Lord Foulgrin’s Letters weren’t meant to fall into our hands. But thanks to Randy Alcorn’s imagination, we have the opportunity to read the correspondence between Lord Foulgrin and Squaltaint, two of Satan’s demons. The object of these letters is a man named Jordan Fletcher. It’s Squaltaint’s duty to keep Fletcher out of the kingdom of God.
     This book may sound similar to C. S. Lewis’ classic, Screwtape Letters, but there are significant differences. Alcorn creates an earthly setting in which we view the lives of the Fletcher family. Each earthly vignette is followed by one of Foulgrin’s letters in which he analyzes and strategizes with his underling, Squaltaint.