Stephanie Anderson

Stephanie Anderson is the communications and graphics specialist at Eternal Perspective Ministries. 

Will a Believer Be Rewarded for the Good Things They Did Before the Day of Their Salvation?

article - Stephanie Anderson
I've read Randy’s book Managing God's Money, and it's awesome. I have a question: if a sinner does good deeds for years, like giving to the poor, then gets saved but dies a month later, will God reward him only for the good deeds done that one month he was a Christian? Or God will reward that person for all the good deeds in his lifetime, even before he became a Christian?

Will We Be Conscious of the Passing of Time in the Present Heaven before the Resurrection?

article - Stephanie Anderson
Question from a reader: Do you think perhaps there is no sense of passage of time after death and that after we die, the intermediate state you speak of would pass in a millisecond, and then we are resurrected? It would be sort of like a seamless quick passage to the New Earth. Otherwise, would we be conscious of say, 200, years passing in the present Heaven before the bodily resurrection?
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