Worthy to Suffer

I wanted to share this touching story and picture from Open Doors, a ministry that EPM supports and recommends. (The name and photo in the story are different to protect this believer’s identity.) I encourage you to stay informed about—and to intercede for—our persecuted brothers and sisters. You can sign up for email alerts from Open Doors and also from Voice of the Martyrs.

Open DoorsDear Friend of the Persecuted,

I have to admit it was not the best question…

Just weeks ago I met secretly with a courageous believer who had been forced to hang from his ankles or wrists every day, subjected to repeated beatings and was crammed in a three-foot square box for three weeks.

Racked by memories of the agony he'd been through, Aran had been looking at me with a pained expression until I asked the question, "What were you thinking or feeling during that time?"

His face completely changed. A huge smile broke across it, and he gave me two thumbs up. What was he thinking…?

Aran simply said, "That I was counted worthy to suffer for Jesus Christ."

In that moment I realized how valuable it is for persecuted believers on the front lines to experience what it means to "share in the suffering of Christ" (2 Cor 1: 5).

As I traveled to encourage the persecuted church in the Muslim world, I returned grateful to have visited my brothers and sisters in person… hearing their stories of torture and humiliation… wowed by their faith—with fresh inspiration to encourage you with the news that every gift is needed… that every gift goes powerfully to work!

These brave believers cherish your caring support and faithful prayers! The same goes for your gift today.

Please encourage these and other persecuted believers around the world with your gift, which will send the support, counseling, safe shelter and biblical resources they need.

Thank you for responding with your financial encouragement.

In Christ,

Carl Moeller
Open Doors USA

Randy Alcorn (@randyalcorn) is the author of over sixty books and the founder and director of Eternal Perspective Ministries

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