“Jesus Is Literally All They Have Left”: The Situation in Afghanistan, and Ways to Pray and Help

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"What can we do to help the believers? Literally the only thing they currently ask for is prayer. That’s not strange or overtly spiritual. If they had a thin layer of protection and justice, it’s now gone. Jesus is literally all they have left. The Christians are seeking ways to stay safe and to survive. We stand with them in their time of greatest need."

A First-Hand Account of Persecuted Believers in Nigeria: “Everybody Lives in Fear All the Time, Day or Night”

article - Randy Alcorn Randy's blog
Many of our Nigerian brothers and sisters in Christ are being severely persecuted and oppressed. Samuel, a brother I dearly love and trust,  recently sent a letter, sharing how he visited two camps for displaced persons in Southern Kaduna in Nigeria, where he was born and raised. He wrote, “What I saw really shocked me beyond what words can describe.”

An Eternal Perspective on Persecution and Loss, and an Update on Gladys and Esther Staines

article - Randy Alcorn Randy's blog
Those who are familiar with my books know that I wrote my novel Safely Home to open readers’ eyes to the persecution that Christians in many places face. I still hear people mention the dedication of Safely Home to the Staines family. Their commitment to Christ and their eternal perspective concerning their loved ones was a great example, and it was a privilege to dedicate my book to this wonderful family.
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