Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer: Komen Foundation Rocked by Resignation of Latina Adviser

HOFFMAN ESTATES, Ill., Sept. 27, 2004 /Christian Wire Service/ — The Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer applauds Eve Sanchez Silver’s courageous decision to resign her position as a charter member of The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation’s National Hispanic/Latina Advisory Council (SGK) during the group’s Dallas meeting last week. Silver is the director of Cinta Latina Research. (1) She’s a popular speaker and a medical research analyst working as a breast cancer research advocate with premier U.S. cancer research facilities.

Silver, a two-time breast cancer survivor, was motivated to resign after reading a coalition press release revealing that Komen’s affiliates have helped fund Planned Parenthood. (2) In her September 24 press release announcing her resignation, Silver said, “It makes me wonder what other abortion related agendas SGK may be supporting, like the black-out on the 16 statistically significant epidemiological studies linking abortion to breast cancer. Is one hand washing the other?” (3)

Karen Malec, president of the coalition, observed “When cancer walk businesses have such close financial and ideological ties to the abortion industry or other corporations, it compromises their professional judgment. This explains why bias against the abortion-breast cancer (ABC) link in the scientific community is rampant. Scientists will be reluctant to recognize the ABC link if the organizations that give them grants are led by hard line feminists.”

“Ideology and good business sense explain why cancer walk businesses don’t tell women about ABC studies whose authors found a link,” said Mrs. Malec. “They only report studies whose authors found no link.”

Recognized breast cancer risks of abortion include childlessness, small family size, delayed first full-term pregnancy and little or no breastfeeding -- risk factors that scientists say account for over one-half of the breast cancer rates in developed nations. (4) Cancer walk businesses, however, illogically deny that abortion is contributing to skyrocketing breast cancer rates.

“Komen’s Faustian relationship with Planned Parenthood doesn’t make sense unless you realize it’s a good business decision for SGK,” asserted Mrs. Malec. “Today’s abortion customer is more likely to be tomorrow’s cancer walker. If women’s lives mattered, then cancer walk businesses would have focused on disease prevention and denounced abortion and Planned Parenthood two or three decades ago.”

Silver was also understandably disturbed about Planned Parenthood’s ideological origins in eugenics. Its founder, Margaret Sanger, often wrote about her desire to rid the world of people of color.

Silver said people will naturally wonder whether grants were denied their organizations because Planned Parenthood received funding. Kristin Kelly, formerly SGK’s Public Relations Manager, reported that SGK affiliates had given 21 grants to their local Planned Parenthood chapters totaling more than $475,000. (5) The funds were allegedly intended for breast cancer screenings and physician referrals.

“Screenings and referrals are critical,” said Mrs. Malec, “but what’s the problem with giving the funds to real medical facilities?”

“Cancer walkers raised millions for SGK believing they were ‘racing for the cure,’” commented Mrs. Malec. “They were really racing for Planned Parenthood.”

The Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer is an international women’s organization founded to protect the health and save the lives of women by educating and providing information on abortion as a risk factor for breast cancer.


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