Mincaye Urges Listeners to Walk God's Trail

Mincaye is the former warrior who was one of the murderers of Nate Saint and the other missionaries in Ecuador in 1956, and who later came to faith in Christ. This video is from Randy Alcorn's 50-minute interview with Steve Saint and Mincaye, regarding God's work through the deaths of the five missionaries in Ecuador. The full interview is available to view on our site.

Lightly edited transcript:

People, do you know how to walk God’s trail? He gave us His markings [Steve Saint holds up the Bible] so we can see the trail. When the Waorani used to kill each other they would be separated, but the children would follow their father’s markings so that they could find him again. These are God’s markings. He sent His Son down here, dripping His blood [Steve points to his wrists] to mark the trail. And with that same blood, the Father Creator can wash our hearts clean, like the sky when it has no clouds in it, so we can see His trail. You just have to follow the markings [Steve holds up the Bible again].

In my place where we live, in the jungles, I teach the people who walk your trail, “Where are you going to end up? Your name is not written there.” But if you walk God’s trail, your name is already marked there. And coming there, God has already made a place for us to live. It’s like He knows when we go into the motel, we have to write our name there to sleep. He says your name is already written there in the place God has made. You don’t even have to pay a room rate. [Steve adds, “And no tax!”]

If you’re not a coming-after one, then maybe you won’t understand this. Ask God to clean your heart so that you, too, can see it. If you don’t walk God’s trail, He doesn’t know your name. You’re going on your own trail. That’s bad, bad. That makes me cry. My heart was dark, like my shirt. But…the King [Steve says, “They don’t have any leadership, but he knows that the King is the strong one who can tell us what to do”] is calling to us, and calling to us, “Come walk my trail. I want to be reunited with you.”

God, calling to me, said, “Which trail do you want to walk?” And I finally answered, “I want to walk your trail.” Why would I want to walk my own trail with no place waiting for me there? In God’s place it’s like…gold. It’s a very good place. [Steve holds up his hand with wedding ring and says, “He knows we all wear gold to signify precious. So he’s saying, ‘You folks like gold—wait till you get to God’s place!’”]

I think you were like me. Before you didn’t see this trail either, did you? Somebody has to teach us to walk the trail. Somebody has to teach us the markings, and then we need to teach others. When I was living badly, badly, then what happened? Then Star [Aunt Rachel] and Woodpecker [Aunt Betty] came, and they are the ones that taught me God’s markings. My heart was dark like this [points to black shirt]. How could I see? Nobody had ever showed me this trail. I didn’t know how to walk it. I said “No” to the King—I said no at first. But God called my own name to Him. Now my heart is not dark anymore. God sent His own Son down here to the dirt so that He could show us how.

Why would any of you not want to be coming-after ones? Why would you not want to walk the same trail that God’s own Son, His only Son, marked for us with His blood?

Randy Alcorn (@randyalcorn) is the author of fifty-some books and the founder and director of Eternal Perspective Ministries